Discussions will center on Sign Code ordinance and updating towing regulations

Molalla's city council members will meet on Feb. 13 to discuss the Sign Code ordinance and update the ordinance on towing regulations.

At the last meeting, some changes were made to sign permit appeals. Business residents whose application has been conditioned, denied, suspended or revoked can file a written appeal with the City Manager within 10 after receiving notice. It must include the name and address of the appellant, the determination from which the appeal is taken, the reasons why it's incorrect and what the correct determination should be.

Once the appeal is completed, and the appellant isn't satisfied, he or she can file a written notice within five business days to the Molalla City Council for a review. This must include the appellant's name and address and the business owner if different than the appellant, why the appeal is asked for and a copy of the determination from the city manager, the reasons why the determination is alleged to be incorrect and what the correct determination should be.

There's also a change that notes that sign removal is the business owner's responsibility, but if it's not removed within the 90 days becomes the property owner's responsibility.

Council members also will consider updating the Molalla's regulations for towing and disposition of vehicles. The chapters regarding these regulations were last updated more than 20 years ago. These updates include chapters 10.70 and 10.72 of the Municipal Code regulating towing, disposition of vehicles and regulations of parking, storage and maintenance of inoperable vehicles.

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