Meet one of Colton's new businesses, OX Manufacturing, which already will expand to manufacture locally

CINDY FAMA - Jonathan and David Wilcox.OX Manufacturing opened its doors in Colton in May of 2018. The family business, owned by Annie Wilcox with husband David and son Jonathan, manufactures and sells attachments and accessories for outdoor firearms. They also produce custom tools for oil fields.

David Wilcox said that OEM (original equipment manufacturer), which is manufacturing a product from component parts purchased from other companies, is the largest aspect of the company.

OX Manufacturing focuses on ideation, with the company taking the idea or concept of a customer and producing the design and specifications. For now, the manufacturing is done at their partner shop in Bend. The manufactured parts come back to Colton for inspection, assembly and packaging.

"We make sure everything is done right," Wilcox said.

At the time of my first interview in early November, David said their goal was to grow the organization in Colton and do some manufacturing onsite. This is now close to a reality as they have set up a back building with a computer numerical control machine for onsite production and are just waiting for electricity to be connected to the building.

"We have passed all the county inspections," David said. "We are just waiting for PGE to come out so we can plug in."

Dave Wilcox, David's father, said he will be helping out in the manufacturing building. The business, at 21088 South Highway 211, is located in what was the Wilcox Garage and next door to the Chop Shop Beauty Salon and Barber Shop owned by Geri (Wilcox) Rose.

Before coming back to Colton, David worked for a firearms company in Texas. Annie is a social media specialist. Along with being a big part of OX Manufacturing, their son Jonathan competes very successfully in 3 Gun competitions, where competitive shooters are required to use rifles, handguns and shotguns as they move through a variety of targets and utilize different shooting positions. Jonathan uses OX Manufacturing parts on his firearms during the competitions.

Dave Wilcox says they sell the firearms parts and accessories coast to coast, but their biggest sales are in Oregon and Texas. They are currently finishing up their biggest project to date.

If you hunt or target shoot, check out the company store website at Some of the products offered are barrels, bolts and bolt carriers, pins, gas tubes and blocks, precision mag releases, upper part kits, charging handles and more needs for the gun enthusiast. You can order online and pick up at the door or have it shipped to your home.

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