Jimmy Thompson tenders his resignation, Molalla City Council will talk about 'what's next'

CAROL ROSEN - Molalla Mayor Jimmy Thompson has resigned from the post. Molalla is in need of a new mayor.

Jimmy Thompson formally resigned as Molalla's mayor last week, citing "personal reasons." That means the Molalla City Council will take up the "what's next" at tonight's meeting.

Molalla City Manager Dan Huff said that Thompson would be missed.

"Jimmy has been a very good mayor to work with, a good mayor for Molalla," said Huff. "He'll be missed."

Thompson had served as Molalla's mayor for two years and been part of the city council for eight more. It was an experience that had its good moments and bad, he said.

"I think the city has made some great strides forward," Thompson said of his tenure. "We addressed the $500,000 deficit in the general fun, made some progress on needed infrastructure improvements, got ahead of the wastewater issue.

"The city has a good, competent staff in place and we have a good city council," Thompson added. "I feel like I did some good for the city. It's been a rewarding experience."

Now the city council will act.

Huff said that he was fairly certain the city council would declare the position open at tonight's council meeting, but beyond that he wasn't sure what might happen. He did say that it was likely the council would want to move fairly quickly to get a mayor in the chair.

"We have some code language they'll (council) need to follow, but it's fairly vague," said Huff. "I'm certain we'll have a long conversation about this tonight (at the meeting)."

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