Dec. 18 Issue

Adult Center appreciates donation

To the editor:

Tears of joy and roars of excitement filled the Adult Center today during my regular lunch time announcements. I was able to share the news that Molalla Communications had just committed to an increase in sponsorship for the Adult Center in the 2014 year. The generosity that Molalla Communications continues to pour out into our entire community is beyond amazing. I'm so grateful that Molalla Communications is here, in this city, where I work and live. I think Molalla Communications is an example to so many on the benefits of blessing others and it is beautiful seeing it all unfold. Thank you MCC for caring for our Seniors and caring for our community as a whole, we are forever grateful.

Cecily Rose

Director, Molalla Adult Community Center

Thank God and the Molalla EMTs

To the editor:

God is good and the Molalla Fire Department and EMTs are an incredible team. I think they were at my house within three minutes or even less and moved quickly when I called 911 when I thought I was having a heart attack. Maybe all of you know this but I did not know the EMTs quickly evaluate which hospital to take a person to for the best care. With the first EKG they asked me where I wanted to be taken. However, after another EKG and the change in my symptoms, they said it would be best to transport to Meridian Park Hospital where all of my medical care could be taken care of since they have a Cath Lab. I asked why they took the route through Oregon City to Meridian Park. The reason was they would have hospitals on the way to stop at in case things quickly changed, requiring immediate help. I think this is really pretty cool! Their information, quick action, professionalism and warm friendship made me feel quite secure and cared for. I did experience a mini heart attack requiring an angiogram and a couple of stints, so I am truly thankful for their assistance in helping to save my life.

Thank you Molalla Fire Department, EMT team, Church family at Molalla Assembly of God any many other praying friends.

Dell Cole


Lowe Road Active

To the editor:

For those who live by the Molalla Forest Road and Lowe road, you have probably noticed changes going on. Dump trucks coming out and vehicles moving things around.

Well, there are some more “Proposed Changes” coming up — more than 100 garage units.

When the plans for the apartment first came up, they said they would be donating a playground area for the children that would be living in the two and three bedroom apartments, but the city turned it down. Now they want to put in storage garages instead. There is a swimming pool and tennis court, but what about the small children that live there?

Also, the complex is being extended into the old “Jackson-Dibble Cemetery” property. Where is the Historical Society? I asked some of them to check on this more than a month ago. Dibbles, Jacksons, Sawtells, Larkins, Austins — some of Molalla’s oldest families — are buried in that cemetery. That was part of the Rachel Larkins Donation Land Claim more than 160 years ago. Are they extending the apartment site over some of the pioneer graves?

Then finally, this extension of the apartment property is on Bear Creek. Everyone knows that is one that floods the highway each year going up to Sawtell, etc. Well, there’s a culvert under Lowe Road that Bear Creek runs through, and heavy dump trucks and equipment driver over it. How much of the creek will be destroyed by this project? How much habitat will be lost? And how much more flooding will there be in Sunrise Acres and other parts of town because of this development?

Why isn’t the city notifying us of any of these things being proposed and approved?

There is an appeal on this now.

A public hearing for the purpose of appealing the site design review of the garage units (196) associated with StonePlace apartments was scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 11. The city has now postponed that hearing and rescheduled it for Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.

Everyone interested in what is going on in this town should be there. Let’s have input, please. Let’s keep our town safe from flooding and destruction.

Patricia Torsen


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