April 2, 2014

Thanks given to community for helping make center a success

To the editor:

It is with great thanks we celebrate our one-year anniversary of managing the Molalla Adult Community Center. What a triumphant year it has been. We are calculating all of the data currently so to be able to share what an impact the community has made for our local seniors and people with disabilities in need.

Thanks to every sponsor, recipient, and friend of the center for making it a year I personally will never forget. You have all blessed my heart more than words can say. April 6-13th is National Volunteer Week, and we couldn't do it without the generosity that each and every volunteer of the center gives. Thank you for volunteering. We are looking forward to many future years of uniting as a community to care for those in need!

Celebrating together,

Cecily Rose

Director, Molalla Adult Community Center

Why is there no public outcry?

To the editor:

Why do we as a nation allow our Federal Congress to give this person we call President a free pass to ignore and or change the law any time he wants to do so?

Why do the mandates passed by Congress and signed by the President not stand as written? Where does the President think his power derives to change any date or procedure or requirement that has been passed and signed into law, as he has done repeatedly with the Affordable Health Care Act?

Why does our Congress not impeach the individual in the White House who thinks he has been crowned King and not President? What hold has he over the Congress that he is apparently untouchable? Why does our Congress not develop some backbone and hold him to the law, instead of silently acquiescing to his every desire? Does George Soros have anything to do with Congress’s lack of responsibility? Is he holding back on their funds so they can’t do anything or risk losing their exalted positions in Congress at the next election?

Why is there no public outcry over the roughshod actions of this President? Are we still a Republic, or is this a Dictatorship?

What say you?

Mike Early


Reader wants county to terminate the hamlets

To the editor:

Our county commissioners have always been approachable. There was never a need for these quasi-government entities called “hamlets.”

Hamlets just provide a hobby horse with a megaphone to be grabbed and ridden. And in my nightmare, they become another Rajineeshpuram. We certainly don’t need another Bhagwan. Please just terminate the hamlets.

Gordon Price


City officials should stop arguing and start talking to the citizens

To the editor:

I think the town of Molalla would start growing if the elected officials would stop arguing and sit down and start talking to the general public.

Maybe our swimming pool could be opened again. Also, we could have another grocery store.

Howard Miller


Parents are proud of their daughter, a new med school grad

To the editor:

We are very excited. Our daughter Elizabeth Ribbeck (Molalla High School 1992), finished her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Case Western Reserve University this March 7, 2014. She is a Certified Nurse Midwife and attends births at Salem Hospital.

Denise Ribbeck


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