Week of April 30

Reader respects Gilliam’s steadfast commitment as representative

To the editor:

Vic Gilliam was selected to replace my late husband Mac Sumner back in 2007. I didn't know Vic before his service as our state representative, but I do now. I have a great deal of respect for Vic, his steadfast commitment to smaller government, limiting spending of our precious tax dollars, and his thoughtful — sometime courageous — voting record. Do I always agree with Representative Gilliam's positions? I didn't always agree with Mac's political positions, but like Mac, I always trust Vic's honesty and character in trying to do the very best for our district. I hope that Republicans will take the high road and vote for Vic Gilliam in the upcoming primary election.

Sandra Sumner


Darnell does nothing but attack his opponent and promise to vote the party line

To the editor:

Mr. Darnell, I have seen your numerous signs touting you as a replacement for Mr. Gilliam (as state representative). All I have gotten from your signs and ads is that you will represent the Republican Party (“Vote like a Republican should”).

I will not vote for someone who will represent a political party first. I want someone who represents me, my community, my state and my country.

I do not care about the political party. I care about a candidate who represents my values and beliefs. I have heard nothing from you but criticism of Gilliam (your April 23 paid advertisement in the Molalla Pioneer).

You have not told me anything about what you have done in the past that makes you qualified to help our economy, how you will assist people seeking employment, how you will work to improve our schools, our roads, our town of Molalla. Why do you think you are qualified? Who told you where? Your ads are telling me your vote will rubber stamp what the Republican party tells you – no thinking, no analyzing, no deliberation by you is required. I do not care about the political party. I care about how you will constructively represent us.

Your negativity is not going to move us forward. It can cause stagnation or move us back into a recession. That is the picture you have drawn for me.

PS – The above message applies to all candidates seeking office. If you want my vote, please be truthful and constructive.

Florence Pease


Support Molalla Fire District’s bond and levy

To the editor:

What if it’s your turn to need help? Our home is in town, just minutes from the main fire station. Earlier this month, I had the unwelcome experience of pain across my chest and down my left arm that would not go away. My wife called 911, and the operator said help was being dispatched while she asked more questions. She finished the call, and we waited – and waited.

Finally, just as my wife was starting to call again, the ambulance arrived. The EMTs rushed in, apologized for the delay – they were at an accident scene north of Mulino and there was no one else available to respond to my emergency. They promptly took good care of me and got me to the hospital without further delay. I spent a few days in the CCU, got an angioplasty and a couple of stents and should be OK.

But what if I lived a little further out? What if there had been someone else in distress at the same time? What if my condition had not afforded me that extra time?

We are asking too much of these good people.

We expect them to protect us and our families and property, but they don’t have the bare minimum they need to do the job. Not enough people and grossly outdated equipment.

Please! Let’s help them help all of us. If we approve everything they are asking for, we will still be paying way less than anyone else in the valley.

And no one asked or suggested that I should write this!

Roman Eder


Operation Magic a huge success for class of 2014

To the editor:

The Fundraising Committee for the All-Night Grad Party would like to thank everyone who attended Scott Anderson’s Operation Magic show on Saturday April 12. It was a fantastic turnout and a truly magical evening. The event exceeded our expectations in every way, and we are so thankful for the support of the community. The money raised will help provide the Class of 2014 with a safe and fun-filled party that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Laurie Gago

Class of 2014 Grad Party Fundraising Committee


Reader compares candidates

To the editor:

A few weeks ago I attended a Molalla City Council meeting. It was a full agenda, and many people showed up, but imagine my surprise when I saw David Darnell coming in. After the meeting, I approached him to say hello and mentioned what a surprise it was to see him there. He was more surprised to hear that our current state representative, Vic Gilliam, does not attend city council meetings. He then mentioned that he is making a point to go to attend city council meetings in all of the cities in House District 18. He wants to know what is going on in each of the cities that he is hoping to represent. Then it made me start to think of the things that have occurred in Molalla in the past few years. There was the possible closure of the adult center. Did Vic know or even care? Did Vic show up to find out what was happening with the forensic audit? It made news. What about his invitation to help support Molalla High School with their hope to keep the mascot? Again Vic was silent and absent. The only time I ever see Vic Gilliam in town is in the Molalla Buckeroo parade, so I know that he knows where Molalla is located. It appears to me that David Darnell is more involved with representing the cities and people. In fact, David opened up his campaign headquarters right here in Molalla on the corner of Main and Molalla Ave. Please help me in supporting David Darnell as our next state representative for House District 18.

William Ferris


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