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Vote Yes for Molalla Fire District

To the editor:

Right On!! Thank you for the editorial: "Now is the time to stand up for Molalla's firefighters.”

We will now and have always voted for these bonds for our community. The Molalla Fire District services are necessary for our community, residents, businesses and more.

Who wants to move to a community that does not have the equipment needed to keep them safe if they need help?

I have had to call 911 several times. For my father, a chimney fire and myself. Was I thankful for these services? FOR SURE! Was their response timely? Yes. Did they save my father's life? Yes.

Say thank you to our Molalla firefighters and paramedics by voting yes.

Tom and Sally Zeek


Vic Gilliam is a champion of small and independent businesses

To the editor:

Years ago, from 1981 to 1989, I had the privilege of representing small business owners as the Oregon Director of the National Federation of Independent Business. Fortunately this area's voters sent free enterprise oriented lawmakers to the State Capitol and often continue to do so.

Vic Gilliam is a champion of small and independent businesses. He is adept at how to protect us from increased regulation and taxation.

Please retain him in District 18 as he is one of our most effective defenders.

Jim Bernau

Founder, Willamette Valley Vineyards

Darnell’s message seems to be “I will blindly vote how my party tells me to vote”

To the editor:

I find it disappointing to see David Darnell running against Representative Vic Gilliam with a slogan “I will vote like a republican should.” In the last five years, I haven’t seen a more dysfunctional congress with both sides claiming the use of bipartisanship and neither willing to work together.

In Salem, I think our politicians have done a fairly good job looking past party lines to get real compromise and bipartisan solutions. Vic Gilliam has done a tremendous job talking to his constituents and finding common sense solutions to our problems.

Darnell’s message seems to be “I will blindly vote as my party tells me and not look at the issues or hear the concerns of the people in my district.”

As a Republican, I have been frustrated in recent years as Republicans have taken the stance of: “If a candidate doesn’t agree on 100 percent of my issues, I won’t support them.” And Darnell seems to be running because of one vote on one issue.

Gilliam believes doing right by the people of his district first and is not afraid to tackle difficult issues. He will be getting my vote. I just wish those in D.C. would follow his example.

Jon Iverson


State Representative says Gilliam is “a tremendous asset” in the Legislature

To the editor:

I've had the honor and privilege to serve with Vic Gilliam in the Oregon House for a few years now. And from one small-town Oregonian to another, let me tell you that he is a tremendous asset.

He understands rural issues, but he knows how to work on educating the urban reps about our needs.

He supports conservative values such as lowering taxes, creating jobs and preserving our constitutional freedoms.

He's also constantly fighting to help keep government from intruding where it doesn't belong. Take the issue about banning Native American mascots for example; because he cares about Molalla, Vic joined with me and fought to overturn that ban, even when we faced stiff opposition.

You're lucky to have Vic representing you. I hope you'll vote to send him back to Salem. We've got lots of work to do.

Sherrie Sprenger

Republican State Representative

from Scio

Reader tells Darnell state representatives should represent the people, not an ideology

To the editor:

Mr. David Darnell: When I was in school, we were led to believe that our representatives in Congress represented us, not the views of some cabal of puppet masters running the political parties. We need fewer preprogrammed ideologs in the House and Senate; dancing to the tune of the mega-rich. We need more folks who do what is best for us!

In my view, all of the political parties should be banned, as a harmful, corrupting, coercive influence on our nation.

Steve Lancaster


Because of the Molalla Fire Department, time was on his side

To the editor:

During all of my years associated with the Molalla area, I have always been a big supporter of the fire department. I always thought that I truly understood the importance of their existence. However, I went through something that is a true example of that existence.

On March 2, I had a stroke. I managed to hop on one foot for 25 feet to my mom’s Rescue Alert button on the tabletop box. I then collapsed, half my body totally paralyzed. The call went through within seconds, and the fire department was notified. Byron and the crew showed up and got me from Union Mills Road to the hospital in Oregon City in incredible time. I went through the CT scan immediately, and then was administered the all-important blood thinner. Regarding stroke, there is a saying: Time is brain.

Because of the Molalla Fire Department, time was on my side. Within approximately three hours, my body began to ‘wake up.’ I was released just two days later and got the OK to begin driving just three days after that.

I am so lucky, and I have to remind myself I had a stroke. By the way, two days after I was released, my 100-year-old mother fell and broke her hip. I pushed the same button at 1 a.m. and up shows Byron and the crew. Our family owes them so much.

I have always voted yes for anything regarding the fire department. Now I have real proof as to how important they truly are. I urged everyone to vote “yes” on the upcoming local option levy and bond for the fire deparment. I urge you to vote ‘yes’ because it may be you or your loved one’s turn to go through something such as I went through. I ask you to vote ‘Yes’ as if your life depended on it.

Mine did!

Jim Ackley


If it weren’t for the Molalla Fire Department rescue crew, I wouldn’t be here

To the editor:

In the past, Molalla has rejected a minor tax increase for the fire and police. Think about that. When gas prices go up, we pay it. If you smoke, you will pay the increase for your pleasure. So why would you not want a small increase of public services?

I had an incident when I got stung by a bee. Well, it turned out that I almost died from it. If it weren’t for the rescue crew of the Molalla Fire Department, I would not be here.

They said I would last maybe five minutes more if they had not gotten to me in time. I owe my life to these courageous people.

So come on people. Let’s support the fire department. Molalla is growing every year, and they need the resources to keep up with it. I for one will vote yes for the department. You should too.

The bottom line is they are asking for this increase for us, the community — not for themselves.

Gene Neils


Reader concerned about fate of aquatic center

To the editor:

I guess that I have been living in my own little world outside of the city limits that I did not know just how urgent the closing on the Molalla Aquatic Center was until Saturday when I heard that if funding is not made available then the building would be torn down. WHAT has happened to this community that you would tear down a perfectly good, usable building because money is so tight that that is the only answer? Though I only use the pool periodically, it amazes me and disgusts me at the same time that this is where it is at. Do I see broadcast of specials about the pool in the paper or on the information board at the fire house? Are specials run for family swim time? Do new people to town even know it is there to use?

Seems to me that somehow a solution could be made to save this building and by improved advertising, special pricings, family day or evening swims, and many more options rather than giving up. Hearing that the swim teams will be using the Canby pool is ridiculous.

Since I do live out of the city limits there is little I can do except to say this is a travesty.

Sally Jagodnik


Rural Dell Parents Club thanks supporters of Bingo Night

To the editor:

The Rural Dell Parents club would like to thank everyone who helped to make our Annual Bingo and Raffle Night a great success. Because of your generosity, we were able to raise funds that will be used to provide equipment and opportunities for the teachers and students of Rural Dell Elementary School.

We would like to thank the community members who attended the event and the companies and individuals who made donations to support this fundraiser. We especially want to recognize the local businesses that donated.: Ace Hardware, Bi-Mart, Cindy’s Cafe, El Charrito, Half Mile to Style, Hot Shots Espresso, Molalla Aquatic Center, Molalla Communications and NW Transplants.

Lastly, we would like to thank all the volunteers who helped throughout the event. We could not have done it without all of you. Thank you from the Rural Dell Parents Club.

Bonnie Sperb


In Memory of Earl Buche

To the editor:

The family of Earl Buche wishes to thank members of the extended family and many friends who helped and gave support during our loss.

Special appreciation is also extended to Pastor Bill Griggs, Providence Hospital and Cindy and Cate Catering.

Craig Buche


Colleague endorses Bowerman for county commissioner

To the editor:

As a Lake Oswego city councilor, it’s been my honor to serve with Karen Bowerman. As much as I would miss her serving the City of Lake Oswego, she would be a tremendous addition to the Clackamas County Commission.

Dr. Bowerman has served as Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration with California State University, San Bernardino. She has served on commissions regarding commerce and women’s issues. She is a bright, proven leader.

As I’ve worked with Karen on the LO City Council, we have not always been in agreement, but that has never prevented us from working together with mutual respect. Karen is always prepared and comes armed with questions and insights that prove she’s done her homework. She doesn’t test the political winds or shy away from controversial issues. She’s present and votes based on her convictions and values.

But, beyond her leadership, stellar credentials, and amazing work ethic, Karen cares deeply about people and our community. She takes the time to hear from citizens -- no matter the issue. She is warm, compassionate, and full of grace and humor, even in tense and difficult situations.

Clackamas County would be very fortunate to have Karen Bowerman as a Commissioner.

Lauren Hughes

Lake Oswego

Now for the rest of the story

To the editor:

We in our society, analytical or simple, consider those who claim to represent us, yet sit on the fence of moderation. Moderation as we see it yields to more checks than balances adding more to our debt, both financially and morally. We have standards we’ve received from God. Those standards do not allow for compromise to lower standards. (seven points Vic (Gilliam) voted on clearly compromise us in who Vic is). To us the removal of the Jason Lee statue from the U.S. Capital building would be a crime against those of us who love and are hungry for history including future young and old alike. Jason Lee and American Indian leaders were largely responsible for the early foundation building blocks of our good State of Oregon.

Some of us PCP’s probably are kind of hard to get along with because we highly value trust, ethics, honesty and integrity. We are not willing to sit on that fence of moderation.

So here we are getting called “cantankerous” by Vic. He says we say that he’s never here in Molalla. That statement isn’t true. We know he rides in a car in the Fourth of July parade. We supported him years ago when he ran for the seat he now has. He was here in Molalla then and seemed like a nice enough guy, but now it seems the opposite is true, considering the partial true statements with the omissions of the facts which reminds me of the late Paul Harvey’s statements he always made at the beginning of the stories he always told that I liked to listen to: “Now For The Rest Of The Story.” I would go on and on if I could, but I am only allowed so many words in the letter to the editor

It has been confirmed, however, he doesn’t come to any of the council meetings here in Molalla from a person of integrity whom I trust is true. That being said, jobs and economics are high on the agenda. Correspondence to people here without proper oversight and approval in contrast to the opposite (us) isn’t fair.

William Ferris


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