Week of May 14

Vic Gilliam helped our ill son

To the editor:

I have a story that serves as an excellent reason to vote for Vic Gilliam …

About five years ago, our 19-year-old son was ill and needed treatments every three months for this illness. Each treatment cost $3,700, and we were told that if we discontinued these treatments, our son’s health would be gravely affected. Then we lost our health insurance.

As any parent would, my husband and I were devastated and extremely worried. We went to the Oregon Health Plan and were told, “Because your son is over 18, under 65, and not pregnant, we have no room for him on the plan.”

After the initial panic subsided, we began to call all our elected officials for help. Ron Wyden’s office never even returned our call. However, Jeff Merkley and Vic Gilliam’s offices called us back very concerned about our plight.

Vic Gilliam’s office moved heaven and earth to help us find relief. Keep in mind — he knew I was a registered Democrat at the time. That didn’t matter to him — his concern was helping our son. Thank you, Vic!

He doesn’t know us personally, but I think of him every time I look at our very healthy son.

Vic could have turned his back on us like Ron Wyden did, but Vic chose the path of human kindness and helped us. Vic Gilliam will always get every vote in our home.

Margaret Engle


Four bars within a block of the four corners downtown is enough

To the editor:

When the White Horse tavern closed last year, many citizens felt this was a sign that an era had ended. It was time for the start of a transformation, a new beginning for downtown Molalla. The fights, the stabbings, the gunfire was a thing of the past.

Downtown has been a much quieter place. I know this first hand because I've lived close to downtown for 20 years.

Imagine enduring patrons of the local bars urinating in your yard, vomiting in your bushes, waking you up late at night with no regard for you or the neighborhood.

Parking is limited downtown so party-goers vehicles overflow into surrounding neighborhoods. This environment downtown puts pressure on law enforcement resources and costs taxpayers. So when I saw tentative plans for opening the closed bar, I was concerned.

After all, how much alcohol can or needs to be poured in our small town? There are currently four bars within a block of the four-way stop downtown. The city and its citizens need to consider the future of the city and a changing downtown.

Jeff Jaynes


Reader wants Molalla firefighters to provide top service but without more funding

To the editor:

We the people, owners of the fire department, get to choose. I, like so many, think our fire department should be praised not pitied. For decades they‘ve provided excellent service for 35 percent of the cost of other fire districts.

We get to decide whether to continue this amazing level of service, for just over one third the cost of compared districts, or if we want to go down the road of trying to be like the other guys, when they should try to be like Molalla.

We get to decide what we want. Do we want to start down the road of catching up with the “high dollar crowd” of fire departments or say thank you for a job well done.

Please continue the great level of service you’ve been providing for many years. Please focus on providing the best service you can with the ever-increasing tax money we already provide.

Remember, we the people, owners of the fire department, get to choose what kind of department we want.

I’m not voting against our fire department. That would be ridiculous. I’m voting: No thanks, please keep the “can-do” attitude, great service, and value already provided.

Tom Bentley


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