Backpack Buddies returns to Mulino

Foothills Community Church, with the help of community members and other area businesses, is collecting non-perishable food to provide elementary school children with a supply of meal and snack items to take home each weekend, as part of the Backpack Buddies program. The motto is "because hunger doesn't end on Friday," and their purpose is to help alleviate some of the burden families may face in feeding their children.

The need for each student is assessed by school staff members, and the food is discretely placed in the backpacks of the qualified students.

In the Mulino community, the Mulino Hamlet group will serve as a collector of donations. Community members can take the items to the monthly hamlet meetings, or make a cash donation that will be recorded and passed on to the organization providing the food.

If giving financial donations, keep in mind that Cash & Carry is working with the Backpack Buddies group to provide the best prices possible for the snacks. All items requested are considered healthy and nutritious. Some popular food items include: tuna or chicken salad snack kits, microwaveable soups, single serve mac and cheese, instant oatmeal, cereal, popcorn, juice boxes, pudding cups, applesauce or other fruit cups, fruit snacks and leather, granola bars, cheese and crackers. The food donated to Mulino directly will go to Mulino school children, where 39 percent of the students are on the free or reduced lunch program.

To make a direct donation or for more information, contact the Foothills Community Church in Molalla at 503-829-5101.

Rivalry renewed

The principals of Mulino Elementary School and Clarkes Elementary School, Alan Wiley and Michael Nicless respectively, are bringing back an old rivalry the two schools shared when they were separate school districts with K-8 grades. Back then, the schools had their own sports teams, and Mulino's main rival was Clarkes. From Wednesday, Oct. 9 through Tuesday, Oct. 22 the competition will consist of reading. Both schools have set some strong goals to improve their reading scores this year. The schools will begin a competition for the most minutes read, which teachers think may prove a fun and friendly way to achieve that goal.

"I have told our students that we really want to beat Clarkes,” Wiley said. “In fact, if we out-read Clarkes, I have promised our students that they can pick something funny for me to do. Mr. Nickless will do something for our students as well, if Mulino wins.”

Wiley said that if Clarkes wins then he will be required to go to Clarkes Elementary School to do something for them.

“And I really do not want to, so extra, extra reading is what we need from every student." The accumulated minutes read must be signed and logged onto the official logsheet given to each student, he said. Time that parents read to their kids counts as well.

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