Three members of Cutting Edge Fitness hit their eleven-year anniversary of working out together last month.

Every weekday Lillian White, Delores Zielinski and Irene Schriever get up early and are in the gym by 6:15 a.m.

“It’s the first thing we do in the day,” Zielinski said.

Zielinksi and White are both 82-years-old, and Schriever is 76. They’ve been working out together for eleven years.

It started with walking. “We walked every morning on the country roads,” Zielinski said.

However, as traffic in the area increased, they felt it was getting a bit dangerous. So, they looked for another option and found Cutting Edge Fitness. Eleven years later they’re still going to the gym together.

Once a week they do circuit training with Sheldon Sanders, the gym’s guru, as part of a larger group.

The group cycles through a couple dozen exercises, including burpees, which are a four-step strength and aerobic exercise.

“Everyone hates burpees,” Sanders said. “That’s when the crying really starts.”

“Sheldon is great,” Zielinski said. “He doesn’t push too hard,” she added laughing.

“Most people are afraid of the circuits,” Sanders said, but not these ladies.

“[The circuits] are a challenge,” Schriever said, who has some arthritis. “If I don’t exercise regularly it gets the best of me,” she said. “I don’t let it slow me down.”

“Health and fitness has always been essential,” she said. “Not only for my own well being but for my family.”

Schriever also got her family going to the gym. Her daughter and granddaughter both workout.

Schriever said she usually does a half hour of aerobic training on treadmill or cross trainer and then half an hour on hydraulic weights. “I like to mix up my routine so that I get a total body workout.”

On top of the health benefits, there are other plusses to working out.

“It’s a wonderful way to meet friends,” Schriever said. “It really is a social gathering place that benefits everything in your life.”

Following a routine like this is difficult, but all three of these ladies said they find inspiration in each other and the positive effect being active has on their lives.

“Everyone should do some form of exercise,” White said. “Life keeps you motivated. You feel better. I like to be active.”

Working out helps keep her active, as she does a lot of outdoor work in her yard.

“I love the outdoors,” White said.

Zielinski also finds motivation in the outdoors. She lives on a 40-acre blueberry farm. She said working out helps keep her in shape for the work she does there.

While staying active as individuals may be the reason they workout, they motivate each other as a group.

“We all keep each other motivated,” Zielinski said, adding that they keep each other accountable for showing up to the gym.

“Having a gym buddy is a big motivator,” Schriever said. “Keeping your body fit, keeps your mind fit.”

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