Molalla’s strongman Jeff Rose won the RAB Fitness Strongman Challenge in Kennewick, Wash., this month. He moves on to the North American Strongman competition in October, in Reno, Nev.

The RAB Fitness Strongman Challenge contained five events. First up was Squat for Reps, in which the athletes had to squat 558 pounds as many times as they could in 50 seconds. Rose was able to get five reps in and take first in the event. The second-place finisher did only two reps and most everyone else did zero, Rose said. “It’s heavy but it’s not near my max.” Rose’s squat max is around 650 to 670, he said.

The second event was the dead lift medley. The athletes had 60 seconds to do four dead lifts of increasing weight, starting at 500 pounds, then 600, then 700, and finally 800 pounds. Rose’s time in the event was 23.1 seconds, just a tenth of second shy of first place.

Next up, Rose moved on the Last Man Standing Log Press. Athletes have to lift a steel log over their head. Weight is added in between lifts until only one person is capable of lifting it.

“It whittles you down,” Rose said.

Rose took third in the log press, going out at 300 pounds.

The fourth event was the Load and Drag Medly. This event begins with three 300-pound objects, a keg, a sandbag and an atlas stone. The athletes have to lift each object, carry it and set it on a loading dock. The event ends with an 800-pound sled pull.

Rose took first in the Load and Drag Medly, finishing in 50 seconds, 19 seconds faster than the second-place finisher.

The last event was Atlas Stones, in which athletes must lift stones, starting at 300 pounds and moving up to 400 pounds, onto platforms of descending height.

Rose trains for about two hours every day. In 2012, he went to the North American Strongman competition and took 17th.

“I feel stronger now than I did in 2012,” he said. “I’m a little bigger and more experienced.”

Rose is 33 years old, which he said is older than the average strongman competitor. But he said that can be good and bad, as he’s stronger and more experienced, but his endurance is lower.

Rose gave a big thank you to Cutting Edge Fitness, where he trains for two hours a day. “I have some weird implements in the gym,” he said, and the gym’s manager, Sheldon Sanders, is very supportive.

Rose also thanked his wife, Cecily Rose, who he said also is a huge supporter of his competing.

Strongman Jeff Rose

Gym: Cutting Edge Fitness, where he trains for two hours every day.

Age: 33

Current weight: 334 pounds

Holy smokes fact: Rose eats 6,000 to 7,000 calories a day, in six meals.

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