Crooked River Ranch Roundup

by: PHOTO BY EARLEEN ARTHUR - CRR Seniors cooked nine turkeys and served preThanksgiving dinner to 202 people at the Ranch last Thursday.The Crooked River Ranch Seniors' records and memories are not their strong suits, so it has not been possible to pin down exactly when they started the practice of inviting all Ranch residents to a preThanksgiving luncheon each year the Thursday before the actual holiday.

They have been doing it for at least six to eight years, and probably longer, and always hold it at Ranch Chapel.

According to Seniors President Earleen Arthur, their intent in doing so is to thank Ranch organizations and property owners for all the support and encouragement the Seniors receive from that group throughout each year. It's their way of saying "Thank you. We really appreciate what you do for us and invite you to join us for a preholiday lunch on us of a traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the fixin's."

Last Thursday, this year's Thanksgiving lunch was enjoyed by 202 Ranchers who accepted the Seniors' invitation. Arthur said she doesn't know if that's a record, but it's close to it.

The Seniors cooked nine turkeys, but a few late arriving souls had to settle for a vegetarian plate, because the turkey was all gone.

You never can tell who's going to attend each year, as the crowd varies in makeup. Several members of the CRR Club and Maintenance Association board are usually on hand. Golf pro Pat Huffer usually attends, as does golf maintenance supervisor Richard Jensen, several of the Ranch office staff, and Ranch maintenance supervisor Mike Knoke, plus other members of the homeowners association, which makes for a clubby, relaxed atmosphere.

Arthur also pointed out that the Seniors received many generous donations of food and money to help them put on this event without it costing them a bundle. She wants donors to know how thankful the Seniors are for all those donations.

" It took many Senior volunteers to manage the operations of the event itself," she said. "Marie Carter was in charge of the kitchen and she had many cooks/helpers who worked very hard and efficiently. Rose Lindor, who set up the dining room, also had a lot of help. Stella Havens moved from CRR over a year ago, but she still came with all kinds of boxes and decorations. With her helpers, she set up the tables and decorated them the night before."

The dinner is not a fancy gathering; long speeches are taboo and the main idea is to enjoy lunch on the Seniors with your neighbors, which everybody does. It's a typical Crooked River Ranch gesture and get-together. Let's hope it persists into the future of Crooked River Ranch. Good one again, seniors!

Needless auto accident

There was another automobile collision at the intersection of Chinook and Badger roads last Wednesday with extensive damage to the colliding vehicles and a couple of passengers sent to the hospital in an ambulance.

Apparently a vehicle coming up Badger Road from the west intending to turn right on Chinook and head toward Redmond failed to stop at the stop sign on Badger, causing the driver to miss seeing an approaching vehicle traveling from north to south on Chinook, probably at a speed of at least 45 mph, the speed limit on that stretch of road. It is fortunate that the result was no worse than some crumpled fenders and less than severe bodily injuries.

"Those kinds of accidents are avoidable just by observing basic driving laws and practices," said Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins.

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