For September 2012 death of Warm Springs woman

by: SUBMITTED PHOTOS - Angeledith Smith, left, and Tana Lawrence.A brutal murder from last fall is expected to move one step closer to resolution this week, when a second woman pleads guilty in federal court to first-degree murder.

Angeledith Saramaylene Kalama-Smith, 26, of Warm Springs, was scheduled to enter the guilty plea on Dec. 5, two weeks after Tana Chris Lawrence, 21, also of Warm Springs, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the U.S. District Court in Portland. The pleas are in connection to the death of Faron Kalama, 30, on Sept. 29, 2012.

"In late September 2012, Angeledith Smith and Tana Lawrence were very upset with Faron Kalama, because they believed that Ms. Kalama was romantically involved with Ms. Smith's husband and Ms. Lawrence's husband," recounted Craig Gabriel, assistant U.S. attorney, noting that the two decided to break into Kalama's home in the Elliott Heights neighborhood of Warm Springs.

Lawrence and Smith, who brought along her 16-year-old and 12-year-old sisters, broke into the house and located Kalama in a bedroom.

In the presence of the younger sisters, Gabriel said, Smith began beating Kalama with a pair of metal wire strippers, and Lawrence beat Kalama with a wrench.

When they left, Kalama was critically injured and bleeding profusely from the face and head, he said.

Later, the four returned and again entered the house without permission. "Even though Kalama was grievously wounded from the first assault, they assaulted her again," said Gabriel, adding that Lawrence use a tool and Smith, a beer bottle, as weapons in the assault.

The four left again and dropped off the 12-year-old sister, but returned once again with another minor who was about 13 years old, and forced Kalama into the back of Smith's white van.

"She said, 'Let me go, let me go,' and tried to open the sliding door, but Smith and Lawrence beat Kalama and prevented her from escaping the van," said Gabriel.

From the Agency area of the reservation, they drove Kalama to Smith's house in the Seekseequa area, where they continued to assault Kalama.

"At one point, Kalama tried to run away and escape from the house, but Lawrence chased after her and hit her over the head with a beer bottle to prevent her escape," he said.

Lawrence admitted sexually assaulting Kalama in Smith's carport.

Shortly after that, Kalama lost consciousness and they loaded her onto a sheet in the very back of the van, and drove back to the Agency area.

"It was during this drive that Faron Kalama died," said Gabriel. Her nude body was dumped in a grove of juniper trees.

On Sept. 30, 2012, Lawrence and Smith enlisted the help of two males, including Curtis Lamont Brown, 39, of Warm Springs, to move Kalama's body from that area to a wooded area on the northern end of the reservation.

Brown, who pleaded guilty Nov. 4 to accessory after the fact to first-degree murder, in connection with Kalama's death, as well as second-degree murder for the Sept. 23, 2012, shooting death of Jonas Miller, was interviewed by police in October.

"As police were investigating the disappearance of Faron Kalama, they interviewed Curtis Brown, who admitted his involvement in moving Ms. Kalama's body," said Gabriel. "On Oct. 5, he led police to the body."

When police found Kalama's body, the right side of her head and face were severely damaged. A subsequent autopsy revealed that she died of blunt force head trauma.

At the plea hearing, Gabriel said that Judge Anna J. Brown asked Lawrence if the prosecutor's summary of the case was fair, and Lawrence agreed that it was.

"The victim's aunt took the witness stand at the end of the plea hearing and thanked Lawrence for pleading guilty," he said. "She said, 'Indian people shouldn't be killing Indian people; Indian people shouldn't be killing anybody.'"

Faron Kalama's aunt spoke about the grief that the family still feels over her loss, and gave a feather to Tana Lawrence as a reminder never to cause that kind of pain again, according to Gabriel.

Sentencing for Lawrence, whose plea agreement calls for a range of 25-35 years, is set for March 19, at 2 p.m. Brown is scheduled for sentencing on Feb. 19.

Gabriel praised the Warm Springs Police Department and the FBI for working together to investigate and solve the crime in such a short time. "Their work ethic and skill demonstrate a deep commitment to ensuring that justice is done in this case," said Gabriel.

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