To the Editor,

JCYSA recently completed another great spring soccer season at the MHS soccer fields. There are many generous people in our community that make this all-volunteer program possible. We would like to recognize and thank these people.

Dozens of people signed up to coach K-5 soccer teams. They donated their time and energy to help Madras youths improve their soccer skills and, of course, have fun! The 509-J maintenance crews, as always, kept the fields in tip-top condition and assisted us in many ways.

Kids Club, Identity Zone, and Snapshots helped with the program registrations, shirts and team photos.

Lastly, the Jefferson County Kiwanis Club served up hundreds of hot dogs and lots of good cheer at our end-of-season potluck Jamboree. Without our local Kiwanis club, a Jamboree on this scale would not have been possible. We really appreciate the good people of Kiwanis, and all of the community members who help to make this nonprofit soccer program possible. See you next spring!

JCYSA Board of Directors


To the Editor,

Well, I recently testified in Madras district court. The delays have been going on for two years now and fortunatly I wrote down my observation in a day-planner.

I live in the Pacific City/Cloverdale area out on the Coast. It is about 236 miles one way. I will be paid about $58 (.04 cents) when all is said and done, which does not come close to paying for my fuel to get here. God forbid if I had to ride the bus system and stay overnight in a motel. I doubt that there are any politicians or government workers that would tolerate such a low reimbursement rate for any travel.

Yes, I know times are tight, and it seems that neither a sworn statement nor a telephone call would work for my testimony. Even the IRS allows over 50 cents per mile. After this two-year questionable judiciary exercise, with such laughable travel reimbursement, put me in jail for contempt of court. I am on a fixed income, so you can feed me and what not. I can catch up on my naps and reading. Have one of your deputies pick me up at home because I can’t really afford the gas.

I can only implore the political “leadership” to raise the travel reimbursement amount to the IRS level. If nothing else, have those in the judicial system pay my out-of-pocket expenses from their pay. They are not retired, and certainly make a lot more than I ever did.

William Pollard


Contract Publishing

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