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To the Editor,

The contents of this letter is my opinion. I would like to address this to the Culver citizens. You need to go to the city council meetings and listen to what is being passed and how it effects you and your taxes.

The workshop starts at 6 p.m. every third Monday of the month, unless there is a holiday, then it goes to the following Monday. The City of Culver provides a meal for the council members and the citizens that attend. Of course the reader board only states the time of the council meeting, but the workshop is important for the public to attend, to hear some of what the council and the mayor will be discussing during the meeting.

During the meeting the public has a chance to speak, make notes in advance because you are only allowed three minutes at the 6:30 meeting. My question would be why not let the citizens speak before council votes and passes things that we might or might not agree to, especially if it effects us financially? The council makes decisions for you. Do they realize people of this community are still struggling? I get out and visit with the residents to find out their needs. Do the council members do this?

When we voted for The Business of the Year, why did the mayor write an email to all the council members, city attorney, city emplyees voicing her opinion, opposing our decision. Isn’t that wrong? Doesn’t our vote count? I have a copy of that email if anyone is interested.

Also, the award was not presented to “The Store” by the mayor or city council, it was given to a private citizen to give to the owner. Another slap in the face to the owners of The Store.

The employees who help to find ways to spend our money are residents of the county and are not directly effected by any financial changes in our city taxes. I think the council should get the bids, not the employee who wants something to make his/her job easier, and may only use it once or twice a year. I hear at the council meetings, different council and the mayor stating they don’t have time to go to training, but the city clerk has time to go training.(Is this paid or comp. time?) And it doesn’t always apply to her job. Can the council and mayor justify that training to the citizens?

Why are you on the council and the mayor, if you didn’t allow the time to do a good job for the citizens who voted for you, maybe you need to step down and allow someone else to fill that position who does have time to do a good job for the community of Culver. Or are you just there for the title?

Why doesn’t Culver advertise on the reader board announcing the planning board and urban renewal meetings? Anything passed at these meetings also effect the citizens of Culver.

Do you know how many people on these boards are residents of the City of Culver? Did you know that the mayor, her husband are both on these boards? Is that a conflict?

Come to the meetings and voice your opinion! I go to the meetings and voice my opinion, but I am only one person. If you want to see change, come to the meetings. I realize there are times when people have other things to do, but at least try to make a few meetings. We need to let the city council and the mayor know the community still has a vote on what we want for our city of Culver. If you can’t make a meeting, write down your question or concerns, the council requires that you sign, date and put your address or they won’t accept it. I will be happy to take your question or concerns to the council meeting. You can find my name and phone number in the Culver phone book. A community united can make a difference. Do we need a recall?

We are told they have to raise our sewer rates to pay for improvements, but when the council, mayor or employees want something, they can always find the money. The books should be open to the public for review. When people were losing their homes, jobs, etc., and other businesses were freezing wages, the city council and the mayor voted to give raises to the employees. How do we know if the council members and the mayor are even paying their sewer bills? That information should be public.

These are just a few questions that we, as citizens of Culver, need to be asking, and this citizen is asking and wants to know.

As a citizen of Culver, I do not agree with the Culver City Council dropping membership with the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce. I have seen advertising by the chamber for Culver. Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce did the printing of the posters for the Culver Crawdad Festival, marketing for the festival at different Chamber functions, such as coffee cuppers, Business After Hours, etc. Culver paid a minimum fee for paper and ink.

Culver City Council, what is the real purpose for dropping the membership with the chamber?

Mary Frank


Culver and EDCO

To the Editor,

I don’t know if it was an error on the part of the newspaper or Culver Mayor Clanton; but I do know as a city council member, Mayor Clanton never spoke to the council while I was present supporting the EDCO.

Amy McCully


Ranch vote

To the Editor,

I am writing to remind our Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association members and other Ranch residents that the coming election will include a ballot measure for renewing the tax levy to fund operations and maintain an equipment replacement fund for our Fire and Rescue Department. The levy calls for continuation at the current rate, which will not increase your tax rate.

Don’t be fooled by the statement on the ballot that it “may increase your taxes,” which is required on all ballots and official mailings for any measure. I am urging all to support our Fire and Rescue Department and vote yes in recognition of its consistently outstanding protection of our community and to enable it to continue that level of protection into the future.

I know personally how critical is the timely and professional support from the emergency medical technicians. I have had two emergency trips to the hospital in the past few years — one was what appeared to have been a heart attack and the second was a nearly severed artery as a result of an accident.

Yes, my support is based on as close a personal experience as one can have. I also know the security provided by our fire fighters and the rapid response in which they pride themselves. That rapid response has caught fires early and put them out before they could spread to cause additional damage. No less important is the close watch they keep on fires that approach our community from surrounding areas. I have personally watched from my deck as fires approach the Ranch and how close the progress of these fires was observed by the chief and his firefighters.

Yes, there have been a few white-knuckle times, but I have every confidence that our firefighters would be ready to attack the problem head on should the unthinkable happen. Given our topography and climate, the threat of wildfire is a very real issue here. The efforts of the Chief McLaren and his staff and volunteers to educate our community on how to minimize this threat is another of the many important contributions they makes to the safety and security of both our residents and their property.

The Fire and Rescue Department is also a key member of our community and a strong supporter of community-based charities. The smile on the face of child participating in shopping with a firefighter is, indeed, a treasure to behold.

These are some of my personal thoughts on the levy issue, for more information on the ballot measure — go to the website of Crooked River Ranch Fire and Rescue at

Our community is very fortunate to have the Chief McLaren, his small staff and the large numbers of volunteers to watch over our lives and property. I urge you to reciprocate that support by voting for the Fire and Rescue Department levy in the coming election.

Ben E. Johnson

President, CRR Club and Maintenance Association

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