Great Veterans Day parade

To the Editor,

Jefferson County Veterans, American Legion, Post 125 wish to thank each and every honored veteran who came out to march, ride and walk in our Second Annual Veterans Day parade. We truly thank each parade participant, and everyone who came out to show your support of our veterans.

We were honored to have the JROTC Mounted Color Guard and Drill Team. To Skip Rundle and the JCMS band: What can I say, you rock! Your music and enthusiasm was outstanding! From the Model As driving with the T-bums and each carrying one, if not more, honored veteran and/or family; Uncle Sam aka Bud Helmholtz, ODVA, the female veterans, (both from Bend and Warm Springs), Patriot Riders, the East Cascade and High Lookee Lodge buses, Warm Springs Healing Waters, and to the many others who helped to make our parade a success.

Kudos to JCFD for the heart-touching flag display and many thanks for allowing use of a generator from their truck, when we discovered we had no power for the PA system. A big thank you to the Tucker Band, for allowing use of their PA system. Thanks to Madras city workers, Dave and Juan, who set up/took down the parade route signs.

We are already coming up with ideas to make it better and run smoother next year. Having the veterans’ names on vehicles is one of those ideas. We look forward to our Third Annual Veterans Day parade.

Commander Rolly Swearingen

J.C. Veterans, American Legion, Post 125

Metolius marijuana clinic issue

To the Editor,

I am writing in to express my level of irritation with the decision that the Metolius City Council has made regarding the proposal for a marijuana clinic within the city limits. It was an open discussion that mainly took place between myself and Mr. Bill Reynolds, being the only individual to speak out on his personal beliefs. My part of the proposal was to reitterate what the state law was involving the clinic and the level of compassion for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program patients here in this county and in the city.

From the beginning of my lengthy speech, I noticed the lack of attention received from the council throughout the course of my offerings of knowledge. I recognized the majority of the council begin to show concern for their fellow townspeople, while others refused to budge from their bias stance against the proposition. I felt as if I spoke fluently and within the educational level of the room.

The proposition for the marijuana clinic is being offered by Israel Reynoso and his family. He is a local business owner and resident of Jefferson County. Mr. Reynoso recognizes the community’s contribution to his family from the loyal patronage to his business. Therefore, in turn, he would like the opportunity to give back to the community that has been there and his family. Mr. Reynoso is currently on a nonprofit committee that fights for health and against obesity.

The marijuana clinic’s sole purpose is for the convenience of OMMP participants. These are people that have made conscious decisions, with their doctors, in accordance with Oregon state law, to seek out an alternate form of pain relief. Pharmaceutical narcotics have, and continue to, prove that long-term use is more detrimental to the body and mind than the original condition that was being treated. There are currently multiple pharmacies in Jefferson County to provide medications to the public, yet do not offer marijuana at any of these locations.

Having a marijuana clinic in Jefferson County would open the convenience of the current and future OMMP participants. The majority of the current participants that do not have the means or the knowledge to grow their medication make weekly trips to the clinics in Deschutes County. Why are we sending our residents in Jefferson County elsewhere? Why isn’t there a level of compassion for these people’s medical needs?

From Israel Reynoso, myself, and many others in this community, we ask that you reconsider your decision for denial on the marijuana clinic proposal. Please take the time to educate yourselves on the OMMP. Take the opportunity to make yourselves aware of the chronic illnesses that medical marijuana is being prescribed for. Make the decision to help the people in our community, not send them away to another county. These people are your neighbors, your friends, even family members.

I hope that I didn’t offend anyone in the OMMP community by speaking for everyone. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Patrick Walker


Contract Publishing

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