The Bowermans

To the Editor,

There are many of us who have significant interest in our school kids and the programs that they participate in. We have a lot of pride in Jefferson County and always want the best for our kids and to put our best foot forward.

The recent dealings with Melissa Bowerman have been extremely disappointing, especially considering the positive things that could have happened.

Melissa and Jon Bowerman had a lot to offer as coaches. Melissa was a world champion archer with boundless coaching skills. Jon, an Olympic ski coach, has a long track record with coaching and youth activities. His connections with Nike allowed our kids an exposure to special skills and the payoffs of hard work.

They both were determined to put our track program on the map and bring pride and respect to our athletic program. They drove 90 miles a day from their ranch on the John Day River to track practice and back. Trips to Portland and to meets added many more miles and after midnight arrivals back home where chores awaited them.

The charges against Melissa make all the intent and effort seemingly irrelevant. Maybe Jon and those close to Melissa should have seen it coming. As often is the case, those closest are the last to see. Denial plays a big part and to address a suspected issue runs the risk of stopping a program not to mention a marriage in its tracks. You don’t see it coming until it hits you in the face.

Jon is devastated by the course of events. His dreams for the program are, for the time being, shattered. The negative repercussions to our athletic program have been even more distressing to him.

While Melissa will receive health evaluations and legal considerations, Jon needs to be valued for what he is and what he will continue to be. The Bowerman name need not be sullied by this egregious chain of events.

To try to find blame for Melissa’s hiring is misplaced energy. Certainly, we had no help from the Wheeler County superintendent. His statement that acts surrounding her activities with a Fossil student when she was a volunteer coach weren’t fully disclosed borders on the irresponsible and dumbfounds all of us, including Jon.

We need to move forward. There is no “trend” to the district’s hiring practice in light of the two coaching infractions in the past year. We as a community need to be supportive of our district, we need to trust the system, we need to get more students motivated to participate and enjoy our new, incredible facilities. We don’t give up on things that affect our children. We use events like this to make us stronger.

Bud Beamer


Quick work

To the Editor,

Recently we noticed a leak in our water feed to our home. I notified Deschutes Valley Water. They sent a man out to check and found they couldn’t tell exactly where the leak was. They installed a new water meter that measures even small leaks. They then proved the leak into the feed line. They not only repaired the leak, they replaced the entire line.

We wish to thank the whole staff, from management, office staff and especially Scott and the crew that did the field work. Great job!

Jim and Judi Bauman


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