Question fair theme

To the Editor,

On July 23-26, Jefferson County celebrated "Pioneer Ways to Modern Days” as the County Fair and Rodeo in Madras. I take it that this theme was approved by the County Board of Commissioners.

Frankly, I'm appalled at the focus on pioneer history when Madras is right next door to the biggest Indian reservation in the state. Not only is the Madras economy greatly affected by expenditures by citizens of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, but so is the county's. Why is it they were left out of a county fair?

Why on earth would you be so gauche as to celebrate the arrival of the Anglo-American invasion and territorial expropriation through Anglo trickery, aggression, coercion, and broken promises which caused so much pain, death, hardship and loss to the grandparents of your next door neighbors? And why do so especially when the negative ramifications of those acts are still felt today?

Sure, everyone likes to be proud of their ancestry, but to celebrate "Pioneer Ways”?to the exclusion of what that meant to members of the Warm Springs community is insensitive and myopic in the extreme. Put yourselves in their shoes: how would you feel if your victors' descendants celebrated their arrival, which meant no less than destruction of your culture, the taking of almost all your lands and resources, and the relegation of you and yours to what has been largely de facto entrenched poverty? Anyone with half a brain can figure out the vastness of destruction "pioneer ways" have wreaked on Indian people.

I saw an advertisement for the event. Nowhere did I see Indian people's cultures or histories celebrated, showcased, or even mentioned. Yet, are not the cultures of the three tribes part of the mixed culture of Jefferson County in these "Modern Days” as the ad reads? It's as if the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs' people didn't even exist, didn't count, and didn't merit even a mention. Do you all need to look at a map?

As a person of Anglo descent, I'm extremely embarrassed and ashamed of such a myopically conceived event. What an affront, in my view, to the Warm Springers. And in this day and age, too. It really is shocking.

I don't speak on their behalf. I speak on my own. Shame on you for such a narrow vision of history and for insulting your very neighbors. Neighbors, I might add, who graciously put up with your stupidity and short-sightedness. An apology from the county board wouldn't be inappropriate, in my view.

Gail Campbell


Backing Deena Goss

To the Editor,

I am writing in reference to the latest allegations against the County Treasurer Deena Goss.

Muted public interest? I don't think so, at least not in my world. Yes, it is sad that Ms. Goss has again been brought into such a negative light and accused of neglecting her duties and accused of crimes again.

It seems as if a lot of people simply think that she is guilty and they are turning away to just let whatever happens happen; that's sometimes the picture that media paints.

I believe that in all businesses there are checks and balances, people overseeing other people and their jobs. Who was responsible for overseeing Ms. Goss? I also question the work environment in the county offices. It would seem to me there has been a hostile working environment created there for some years even though the county commissioners did have to appologize to Ms. Goss back in 2010 for the allegations then rendered.

I also wonder if Ms. Goss actually issued the dog license in question, when that is actually a definition of the duties of the county clerk? Who else handled the transactions daily and then handed them over to the treasurer to deposit?

I think these are valid questions to be considered. As taxpayers, we deserve to know the truth. I don't think the truth is being told and I for one support Deena Goss and believe her to be an upstanding citizen who has been bulldozed by negativity in the county rosters.

Julia Finnell


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