Madras Primary students in the Eagle Eyes leadership group pose on the school's new play equipment. They will be helping to mediate on the playground.This year Madras Primary will once again have a program called “Eagle Eyes” on the playground. The purpose of the program is:

• To provide additional leadership opportunities and trainings for second grade students. (The same program is being used for K-12 to teach appropriate behavior and leadership at school.)

• To provide opportunities for second-graders to help out the younger students around school and on the playground. Allowing them to help teach the rules of the games and monitor fair play at recess helps to develop a culture of caring and kindness for everyone at Madras Primary.

• To encourage students to follow the Kelso’s Choice wheel of problem solving.

• To provide an opportunity for students to learn to be good teammates, to cooperate, share and play fair with others. Also, learning to take care of the equipment in physical education and at recess helps teach responsibility.

Madras Primary was the recipient of the Cherry Tree Fundraiser sponsored by Rotary Club of Madras, and along with a large donation from Madras Kiwanis and help from the school district, the school has a wonderful new play structure for students.

Eagle Eye students volunteer their recess time to be “on duty” on the playground for one recess once a week, and they only solve small problems. They are never dealing with aggressive behavior, fighting or any big problems –- those are left for the teachers on duty.

The Eagle Eyes work with students having a small problem on the playground who would like help. Together they talk about what the problem is, and using Kelso’s Choices, decide on a solution.

Eagle Eyes will have additional opportunities for leadership helping the kindergarten students on the playground, welcoming new students to the school, and demonstrating monthly character traits at assemblies.

Twenty Eagle Eye students attended training at Madras Primary Friday, Sept. 6, for three hours in the morning. They participated in activities to get them ready for their role on the playground, practiced scenarios so they could use the skills they learned, and got to play on the new play structure for the last few minutes of the morning.

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