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by: SUSAN MATHENY - The sale of the DoubleTake building led to the closure of the business, on D Street, which Jan Six had operated for 24 years.After 24 years in business, Jan Six has had to close her DoubleTake consignment clothing shop on short notice, after the building sold.

Six said she started DoubleTake in 1989, then added the SportsWorld business, with new sports clothing and shoes, in the 1990s.Wayne Schjoll, her domestic partner, owned the DoubleTake and adjacent Rialto Tavern buildings, and the two of them owned the businesses together.

Inside DoubleTake, Six developed a popular costume rental section. “I loved the costumes and dressing people up. They would bring in a picture of what they wanted and I’d fix them up. I worked with the school plays on costumes, too,” she said, noting, “I had over 200 costumes.”

“DoubleTake was a good business, and SportsWorld was a good asset for the community, too,” she said. Even so, the businesses were put up for sale when the recession started.

On April 12, 2008, when Schjoll, 51, died in a motorcycle accident, Six said, “I shut SportsWorld down, expanded the costumes into that area, and started running the bars (Schjoll also owned the Desert Inn in Metolius). It was a nightmare, because we didn’t know how to run a bar, Wayne always did that.”

Schjoll’s son Jason and daughter Ayrian inherited the businesses, which Six managed for them, and all three businesses were advertised for sale.

“Not only did Wayne die, but the economy died, too. So, we had to sell to cover the debt,” she said.

A year ago in July, the Desert Inn sold to Larry Semm, then June 13 of this year the DoubleTake building was sold to Miguel Segoviano of Karoma Properties in Redmond.

“I asked for two months, but he gave me 30 days to get out, so it was a mad dash, but I got it done,” Six said, noting her last day was July 18.

Some of her clothing inventory was sold at a discount sale, a lot was given to local thrift stores, and some she took home. “I really miss my store, but at my age I couldn’t keep doing it,” she said of managing multiple businesses. “I don’t know what the new owner is going to do. And there the building sits, still empty,” she said on Sept. 13.

In the meantime, business had picked up at the Rialto Tavern and it was pulled off the market.

“We’re at a point where we’re doing way better, with a lot of help from my employees. We also have a beer wagon and do beer gardens, and Jason helps with those,” she said.

Segoviano also recently purchased the Madras Hotel-Motel downtown. When asked what his plans were for the DoubleTake building he said, “Sell it, but nobody wants to be in Madras, so I’m renting it while it’s for sale.”

He said the building, at the corner of Fourth and D streets, has four spaces, with the smaller ones renting for $400 a month, or the whole building can be rented for $2,000 a month. Anyone wanting more information can reach him at 541-815-7777.

After noticing commercial properties weren’t selling very well in Madras, Segoviano said he has stopped purchasing them here. In Redmond, he has had better luck.

“There used to be more sellers, so I was buying. Now, there are more buyers, so I’m selling. I do the opposite – it’s supply and demand,” he said.

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