City hires a temporary human rescources manager as it continues search process

ST. PAUL — As St. Paul renews its search for a city manager, the City Council voted earlier this month to bring on a human resources consultant in the meantime. GARY ALLEN - The city of St. Paul has hired a temporary human resources manager to consult the city as it continues its search for a city manager.

The council voted unanimously to hire Nancy McDonald – Newberg's former interim human resources manager – to be on hand for city personnel issues no more than five hours per week, according to Mayor Kim Wallis.

"The plan is to bring her in and she'd provide kind of an independent and objective, outside counsel, if you wish, or advice when we're dealing with our personnel issues," Wallis said.

The hiring is still subject to both sides agreeing to a contract and it was unclear if that had already occurred as of Friday evening.

Wallis said that McDonald would likely be on-call to help manage issues as they arise, noting she is familiar with St. Paul after she was charged with investigating staff complaints there in 2015.

Wallis said he expected the contract to be in effect for 90 days while the council puts out a general call for applicants for the city manager opening.

The city had been ready to hire Gene Green as a part-time, interim manager, but he pulled out in the last minute over disagreement about the final contract.

Wallis said the job would likely be posted for 30 days, meaning there likely won't be a new manager for at least 45 to 90 days.

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