Mother of two girls killed in accident speaks out for organ donations

The mail comes mid-day and lately we have lots of it. Cards, medical bills and all the usual junk mail. Recently, we got a letter from the Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank. We have been receiving letters from them thanking us for our donation and welcoming us to the “Donor Family,” one we are very proud to be part of.Jan. 15 guest opinion

A couple weeks ago we received a little box with a letter inside telling us that both of Abigail’s kidneys, her liver and her corneas were successfully transplanted. We got a little description of the individuals who received these organs, but nothing specific.

Yesterday we got our first letter from a recipient of one of Abigail’s kidneys. The letter was beautiful and talked about renewed life and how he will never forget what was given to him. He thanked us with all of his heart!

There was also a letter from another family member, which described what happened during the week of Oct. 21.

They received a call from their cousin, the recipient, on their way home from a Bible study. They wrote about how their cousin had to get to Portland by 8 a.m. on Oct. 24, the morning after Abigail left for surgery.

They talked about how this donation was an answer to prayer and how much they pray for the donor’s family; they pray for us! They said they are living through everyone’s prayers, just like how we are living through everyone’s prayers. Tom and I cried. Abigail saved someone’s life; she gave someone hope for a brighter future.

I remember thinking as I was saying goodbye to her that someone was getting that call they’ve been waiting for. That families were happy because their family member was getting a new lease on life. I remember those thoughts comforting me while I was kissing her forehead for the last time. She was such a giver and she now has given the ultimate gift. We are so proud of her, and we are so looking forward to meeting the individuals that she was able to bless with her organs.

When we meet, I will tell them about my girl and what her life was like. I will tell them about how she had so many friends and family members who loved and adored her. I will tell them how she was never afraid to try something new; she was so adventurous. I will tell them how creative she was and how our lives are now filled with her beautiful creations. I will tell them everything about her. I will tell them they are so blessed to have a little piece of her because she was truly amazing!

Donating Abigail’s organs was not a difficult decision to make. I know that if Abigail was asked, she would have made the same decision. I am so proud to be her mom and so blessed to have had the past three years with her here on Earth. I look forward to an eternity with both my girls. I know that Abigail is taking such good care of her sister now and probably has a pretty bad stomach ache (if you get stomach aches in heaven) from eating too much chocolate from the chocolate stream! I smile at the thought. I always told her too much will make her belly ache.

If you are reading this and are considering being a donor, here are links to sign up: Donate Life Northwest,; and Donate Life,

Susan Dieter-Robinson is the mother of Anna Dieter-Eckerdt and the stepmother of Abigail Robinson, the two sisters who were killed Oct. 20 when a car struck them as they played in a pile of fallen leaves outside their Forest Grove home.

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