Starrett will support small businesses and protect private property rights

To the editor:

Mary Starrett will get my vote for Yamhill County commissioner, Position 3.

Job creation and support of our county’s small businesses is a priority with Mary. A business owner herself, Mary is endorsed and supported by local, well-respected businesses and by the Taxpayers Association of Oregon.April 30 letters to the editor

I appreciate that Mary stands strong to protect private property rights and I understand she is the only candidate to take the pledge not to increase taxes or grow government.

The cornerstone of Mary Starrett’s campaign is built on economic opportunity, individual liberties and personal responsibility. I’m voting for these great American values.

Kath Blankenbiller, Newberg

Leadership, not experience, best gauge of candidate

To the editor:

I have nearly 23 years of law enforcement experience and for the past seven years I have been a chief of police in Newberg. Last month, I had the privilege of sitting on a hiring panel, which conducted a day-long assessment center responsible for hiring a chief of police for a city in Oregon. The assessment panel consisted of a district attorney (not from Yamhill County), a chief of police, a police captain and myself.

Five finalists from five agencies were selected to participate in the assessment center, which was the final process. The candidates consisted of a police sergeant, police captain, retired chief, current chief of police and a law enforcement administrator from one of the largest police departments on the west coast. Each candidate was evaluated on a series of exercises and interviews to determine their qualifications.

In the end we unanimously selected the sergeant who had the least experience and seniority. Why? Because he was the best candidate for the job, more so than the highly-seasoned and experienced police chiefs and administrators.

You see, as law enforcement professionals the panel knew and recognized that seniority and experience does not trump leadership attributes. The panel knew the significance and understands that a law enforcement executive with leadership skills, interpersonal skills, confidence, strength and strong values is far more important than time on the job or having technical knowledge of such things as the disciplinary process.

If the sheriff’s position was determined through a hiring process that included a panel of unbiased law enforcement professionals you just might be surprised who the unanimous choice would be.

Brian Casey, Dundee

City dragging its feed on allowing dispensaries

To the editor:

Medical marijuana has been legal for more than 15 years. Newberg does not need more time to research medical marijuana shops. After all, regulating a federally-controlled substance is only asking for lawsuits. We must treat these stores like any other business, lest we discriminate.

The moratorium on regulated medical marijuana facilities only encourages cardholders to use the black market, which is where they go now if they have needs. This only perpetuates the problems law enforcement officials are telling us – that card holders participate in illegal sales.

Even the Newberg Downtown Coalition voted to keep these businesses out. But hey, if you want harder drugs, no problem, a new vapor shop is welcome and so are dozens of places that sell tobacco and alcohol for recreational purposes in Newberg.

The downtown coalition sponsors events regularly where alcohol is served, but they decided it is best for the business community to discriminate against those in our community who are sick and need access to an herb that helps them.

Some say that they need more time to examine how to regulate how these people get their medicine. Oh, really?

These citizens need a healthy, safe environment where they can work, play and grow in a friendly, dynamic and diverse community valuing partnerships and opportunity. They don’t need one more year of discrimination and bigotry.

Douglas Heuer, Newberg

Starrett best choice for commissioner

To the editor:

I’m voting for Mary Starrett for Yamhill County commissioner, Position 3, because we need someone who has worked in the private sector. As a small business owner I have confidence Starrett will be watching the county’s spending with the same scrutiny a business owner uses.

Mary’s work with veterans and foster children shows she understands the needs of our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

We need Mary Starrett’s combination of compassion along with her strong commitment to support small businesses here in Yamhill ounty.

Julie Lockhart, Yamhill

Take time to thank public employees

To the editor:

Across the country and in communities like ours, government employees serve and protect our nation every day. During Public Service Recognition Week, May 4-10, we gratefully acknowledge their service.

These include federal, state and local employees. They teach our kids, police our streets, put out fires, dliever the mail and, here in Yamhill County, man the correctional facility in Sheridan. I could go on and on.

These men and women are dedicated and perform their duties under all kinds of adverse conditions, working rotating shifts, weekends and holidays.

These are critical services and we may not realize all that our public servants do for us on a daily basis. Let’s not take for granted the services they provide.

During Public Service Regonition Week and throughout the year, please take time to say thank you to public employees in our community.

Zane Suverly, retired National Weather Service employee

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