Theatrical talent abounds in Newberg at NHS, GFU

To the editor:

Thank you for the wonderful article in a recent Newberg Graphic about the three young men who achieved national honors for excellence in acting.

All three young men excelled as thespians under the incredible direction of internationally acclaimed drama teacher Drea Ferguson, who just recently won the Newberg School District’s Crystal Apple award for outstanding high school teacher.

I would like to encourage the community to attend the incredible plays that are put on each year at the high school, thereby assuring the continuance of a program that has produced such talented and exceptional students.July 2 letters to the editor

Next year NHS will offer to the community the musical “Oklahoma!” in the fall, “Is He Dead?,” a play by Mark Twain, in the winter, and for spring, Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night Dream.”

You will be amazed at what groups of high schoolers accomplish with acting, sets, costumes, music, special effects, etc. My own son, Matthew, who is one of the three boys mentioned, will be attending George Fox University, having auditioned for and earned a theater scholarship.

Next year’s George Fox’s acclaimed theater department will stage plays including Shakespeare’s, “Twelfth Night” in the fall, “Little Women: The Musical” in winter and spring’s, “These Shining Lives.”

I encourage our community to attend a play and celebrate the efforts and abilities of young women and men who commit to theatrical excellence. As a community, let’s continue to support and applaud these students as much as we do our student athletes.

See you at the theater.

Kathleen Jones, Newberg

Appoint an independent prosecutor in IRS scandal

(Editor’s note: This letter was an open letter sent to Oregon’s congressional delegation)

I watched last week’s congressional hearing regarding the IRS emails as they relate to the Lois Lerner/conservative targeting scandal, or the “inquisition” as your fellow Congressman Becerra (D-Calif.) referred to it.

My anger is palpable at the partisan nature that Congress exhibit during this hearing. The IRS commission was as arrogant as I have even seen. His flippant attitude about loss of six pertinent hard drives, together with their backup servers, the way that this was disclosed and his refusal to work with Congress says it all. The IRS’ failure to retain these records over the past two years is clearly a breach of trust, if not a violation of the law.

As a registered Oregon democrat, I want to know the truth. From my viewpoint, this is a larger scandal than Watergate and the missing 18 minutes on Nixon’s tapes. An arrogant IRS, with its ability to hold a United States citizen guilty until proven innocent, and where an admission of wrongdoing has occurred (Lois Lerner pleading the Fifth Amendment), is something that all of us should want resolved, whether we be Democrat, Republican, independent or libertarian.

I am requesting that all of Oregon’s congressional representatives support an independent prosecutor to investigate this matter for the citizens as it is clear that the partisan Congress is incapable of doing the job.

Rick Johnson, Newberg

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