Exhibit showcases animals in sculpture and print form, bronze and glass

For the past 14 years, Danae Miller has worked exclusively as an artist — something that took her 19 years to do.

“Just making that decision to be a full-time artist made it all work out,” Miller said. “You just have to go for it.”by: GARY ALLEN - Melding mediums -- Danae Miller, featured at Minthorne Gallery at George Fox University until Nov. 1, creates pieces in two different    mediums. This show, 'Natural Reflections,' depicts realistic yet interpretive animals using bronze and glass and prints.

Miller is the featured artist at the George Fox University Minthorne Gallery with her “Natural Reflections” exhibit.

“One of the appeals for me to have Danae working in two mediums — prints and bronze with glass pieces — is they look as if they’re from the same family,” said gallery director Tim Timmerman. “The pieces have an affinity with the others.”

He said he likes exhibiting artists working in two different mediums because it helps inspire students to explore other mediums within their own work.

“I have been sculpting longer than printmaking, but have always enjoyed drawing,” Miller said.

She said before starting a sculpture, she would sketch it and make drawings of the piece, so printmaking came easily.

“It’s like sketching and drawing, but with colors and shapes,” she said.

One of the appeals for me to have Danae working in two mediums — prints and bronze with glass pieces — is they look as if they’re from the same family - Tim Timmerman, gallery director

The exhibit features prints and sculpture of animals, a subject Miller said she creates exclusively.

“Animals are the source of inspiration for me,” she said. “I’ve always been interested in animals, biology, form, as well as mythology and the history of humans and animals.”

Timmerman said he enjoys how Miller’s pieces are descriptive, as in he can tell the sculpture is a rabbit, horse or antelope.

“Yet they also have very interpretive patterns,” he said, adding that this results from using patterned wax on the bronze.

The show opened Oct. 8, and Timmerman said it was well received.

“I enjoy exhibiting artists who are just good people, and she and her husband are good people,” he said. “We had a really excellent artist talk. She did a good job talking about her process and the process of someone who chooses to make art for a living.”

Miller said from talking with students, she could tell they were interested in their discipline.

“It’s a great honor and I’m thankful for the opportunity,” Miller said.

The exhibit runs through Nov. 1.

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