Ministry — Charitable organization chronicles its history and impact in an online brochure

Love INC (In the Name of Christ) has become an integral part of the Newberg and Dundee community over the past decade and the organization has the numbers to prove it.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary this month, the nonprofit has crunched the numbers and included them in an online brochure available at www.loveinc

For instance, Love INC has met more than 12,000 needs in the community since it opened in 2004, filling more than 9,000 volunteer opportunities to assist 3,076 different families.

“Our community cares about their neighbors and has chosen to make a difference,” executive director Polly Siler said. “I feel so blessed to be a part of Love INC.”

Some of the most staggering numbers included reference work achieved just in the past few years, like $212,755, the amount of services rendered by the organization’s mental/dental clinic since 2010. During that time, the number of patients seen has rose from just 27 in 2010 to 217 last year.

Love INC began with seven so-called “gap” ministries 10 years ago, but now features a widespread network of 32 that provide a wide array of goods and services from clothes and medications to car and bike repair.

“When I think of the many ways in which Love INC has helped my family, I am overwhelmed,” client Betty Callas said. “I think of so much good done by them for the community. The tireless work of the volunteers, constantly striving to help those less fortunate … Sharing of their time and their love guarantees the lessons of Christ are felt and will ripple outward through the community.”

The brochure also celebrates many of the less quantifiable effects Love INC has had not only on those receiving help, but those administering it.

“Mentoring has been a huge blessing in my life,” volunteer Ildee Darby said. “I feel like I have grown spiritually and my mentee has grown spiritually. This is an awesome, awesome experience.”

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