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It certainly is an interesting premise — two older gentleman finding themselves in the role of pimp and male prostitute — which may be enough to watch “Fading Gigolo,” but the movie has an odd charm that makes it a delight to view.

At a short 98 minutes, the film directed by John Turturro (said gigolo, Fioravante), begins with Murray (Woody Allen) closing his rare bookstore and in need of a new income source. Somehow after visiting his rich, female dermatologist the seed of prostitution, or a “menage” is planted, and is soon a reality.

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Opening soon -- John Turturro (left) and Woody Allen star in the new film 'Fading Gigolo.' The film opens Friday.Turturro takes a little convincing, but as most prostitutes making their debut, he was in need of money. In the story, not being a traditional pretty man works to his benefit, and he’s soon in popular demand among rich women who for some reason don’t seek free company. Maybe paying for sex makes it more exciting. Maybe Turturro is living out a fantasy he’s always had. Either way, it’s an entertaining bit. Allen definitely stands out in the film, the best part of every scene. He’s a little funny, a little obscure and just the right amount of absurd.

As always, love gets in the way and takes the film down a dark path with an Orthodox Jewish widow desperate for affection. Just when it seems all is lost, the story ends on a high note. A little disappointing, but the movie wouldn’t be popular if it ended without humor and the promise of a light-hearted journey.

There were a few other disappointing aspects, including too little screen time for the vivacious Sofia Vergara and lack of explanation in some areas — such as why Allen’s character is living with and taking care of four black children and their mother in a Jewish community. Otherwise, the other aspects were pleasing. The film was well shot and the score was perfect for the tone of the film and the atmosphere it was trying to create.

“Fading Gigolo” may not be the most thoughtful film of the year, but something everyone should give in to and see.

The film opens May 9.

Katie gives the movie 3 stars and suggest you buy a ticket.

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