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PARR LUMBER - Go where the builders go!'Tis the season to undo all the nasty things Mother Nature did to your wood deck over winter. Here are four steps to a deck that is summer ready:

Step 1. INSPECT AND REPAIR. It's a good idea to check your deck annually so you can take care of the small things before they turn into bigger problems. Small areas of rot can be removed with a chisel and the hole can be treated with a wood preservative. Replace cracked or warped deck boards. Investigate the condition of stairs, rails, posts, beams, and hardware.

Step 2. SWEEP AWAY DEBRIS. Sweep the deck surface clear of all debris. Be sure to remove any debris stuck between the boards and cover any delicate or fragile plants near the deck.

Step 3. CLEAN THE SURFACE. Choose a wood deck cleaner and follow the application instructions. It's recommended to clean on a cloudy day since you don't want the deck to dry before you've scrubbed it. Once you have scrubbed the surface, let it soak and rinse the surface thoroughly.

Step 4. SEAL THE DEAL. This is an important step to a beautiful, long-lasting deck. The deck must be completely dry from cleaning (this may take up to 48 hours) before applying deck sealer or stain. Deck sealer should be applied annually and deck stain typically every other year. Penofin and Superdeck are great options. Always apply them according to the instructions.

The friendly experts at Parr Lumber will make sure you have everything you need to get your deck ready for summer. To find the Parr location nearest you, visit

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