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PARR LUMBER - Go where the builders go!We've all experienced backyard grilling fails. It could have been the burnt brisket, some charred chicken or perhaps those 'hard-as-a-brick burgers' that somehow got overcooked, again.

Modern technology means your Father's Day gift this year could end these mishaps for good. This can be the year where everything is cooked perfectly on the grill, even if you're making pizza or a cobbler.

We found out about this at a local Parr Lumber store, where they offer way more than just lumber. Surprisingly, they have some of the easiest to use and most technologically advanced Father's Day gifts around, including high-tech grills.

Parr Lumber's Steve Willems confirmed that the buzz around Traeger and Green Mountain wood pellet grills is real. "These grills burn wood pellets so everything is cooked with indirect heat," he says. "There's no flare-up to burn your food, and most come with a digital temperature control so the heat and timing are exact, every single time."

Not only can you cook all kinds of food perfectly, cleanup is easier, the grills last longer, and you never have to worry about propane because these grills do not use any.

And some of the Green Mountain grills are even equipped with WiFi, so you can check, control and adjust the temperature of your meat using your phone, without ever having to open the grill's lid.

Finally, the grilling guesswork is gone.

There's something else dad will love that modern technology has changed dramatically: power tools. The ones you gave him 5 or 10 years ago cannot compare to the ease of using or powering those you can buy now.

"Makita is one example," says Willelm, which carries the brand. "They have a large line of interchangeable tools powered with the same rechargeable battery. You can get drills, saws, weed eaters, and even battery-powered chain saws. Clean up the yard with their battery powered leaf blower then enjoy a cup of joe from their battery powered coffee maker."

Today's batteries charge quickly, last longer and are more powerful than those from just a couple of years ago. Dads will love the convenience of ditching the power cords or never having to run to the gas station to fill up a gas-powered tool. Instead, batteries save the day, and save time.

Another gift idea for dad? How about everything he needs to complete a specific project he's been wanting to tackle, like replacing the boards on the back deck.

Simply take a picture of your deck, note whether the boards are attached with screws or nails, and estimate the deck size. Then visit a local Parr Lumber store and they will help you find everything you need in one trip. Parr also offers free consultations with their deck and project design experts if you're dreaming of a project for the dry and sunny days of summer.

If all else fails? "We even carry gift cards at Parr Lumber," says Willems.

A gift card for dad so he can choose his own gift: a great grill, perfect power tools or the supplies he needs to tackle his summer project.

Of course, if he gets that grill with WiFi, it is possible he could use power tools on a project while cooking the perfect meal at the same time. You have to love technology.

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