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GEORGE MORLAN PLUMBING SUPPLY - Don DimoffAre you a go-getter? Someone who likes to take care of problems yourself? Well, then you can save money on repair bills by taking care of small problems with your plumbing system by yourself. But be careful—when things go wrong, they can go VERY wrong, AND end up VERY expensive. During your next DIY work, make sure you avoid these 4 common plumbing mistakes:

  • Leaving the water on—Above all else, remember to shut off the flow of water before you start taking anything apart. Turn either the main water shut off valve or a localized shut off valve for the room your working on to OFF.
  • Using too much drain cleaner—Clogged drains are one of the simpler fixes, right? Well, while a little chemical drain cleaner can usually take care of the problem, using too much drain cleaner or using chemicals too often can end up corroding your pipes. Stick to plumbing snakes to clear up blockages whenever possible.
  • Not having the right tools—You don't want to be using the wrong kind of wrench, or trying to use copper connectors on galvanized metal pipes. Stop by George Morlan Plumbing Supply to make sure you have the correct tools and know how to use them.
  • Not asking for help—Plumbing work can be tricky. If you need a little help getting started, give the George Morlan Plumbing Supply experts a call. We have the materials and experience you'll need to get your DIY job done right.
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