At the Tribune, we pride ourselves on prioritizing news that citizens, and voters, need to know in a healthy democracy - vital public policies rather than 'gotchas' and juicy gossip that would boost our readership and web hits. We dissect and explain crucial issues that affect your neighborhood and your world, such as homelessness, gentrification and climate change. Add a comment

Our readers are also concerned about vaccine safety, the opposition to Judge Kavanaugh, illegal lawn signs, and presidential accountability. Add a comment

The city already is making lots of money from the lodging tax. We encourage Mayor Ted Wheeler to earmark some of that money to beef up regulation of these units. Add a comment

Supported housing is the answer, but it takes time and substantial funds to put these projects together and make them work. Add a comment

Our readers also think Metro Council's Investment and Innovation grants program should not fund for-profit companies. Add a comment

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