Readers take on departed bureau chiefs and real news versus fake news.

I found the April 18 article on Chloe Eudaly and the removal of the two bureau chiefs interesting for several reasons.

First, why did it take so long? It was obvious to anyone near their respective bureaus that both departments were in total disarray. This should never have been allowed to continue for any length of time, let alone over a decade in both cases. When leadership is flawed and when incompetence is allowed to flourish, the behavior of those employees beneath the department heads are going to suffer.

Next, why is there a big concern over the racial characteristics of the departments? The obsession with "diversity" and/or "people of color" clouds the true purpose of hiring the most qualified person for the job. It also demonstrates overt racism and discriminatory behavior. Stressing racial needs over qualifications destroys any semblance of objective procedures while confirming race over ability and quality. For such important positions in bureaus who have suffered for so long, the hiring process should be "color-blind" and recruitment based on qualifications, not skin color.

Eudaly and other civic leaders would serve the city of Portland well if they practiced what they preach and conduct business through the objective lens of qualifications and production. To allow race to be a mitigating factor is as racist and subjective as any we must consider.

For Chloe Eudaly, I applaud her brave and necessary move in dismissing two people who had no business being in those positions. I hope other leaders follow her example and reject those who bring race into the equation. This has nothing to do with race, but rather is a management condition that was long overdue to be remedied. 

Jim Speirs

North Portland

Please, no more 'fake news'

I am amazed that you ran the "My View" piece by Diane Gruber without doing any fact-checking. Please do a Google search of "Hillary Clinton America's uranium to Russia." Snopes is quite clear about it being false. I also Googled her claim about the RNC upgrading their server and that's why they weren't hacked. False again. They were hacked but nothing was published by WikiLeaks.

I think you owe your readers a public apology as well as a retraction of her article. Please don't become the Breitbart of the Northwest. Please, enough with the fake news!

Jeanie Holzworth

Southwest Portland

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