Our readers are also concerned about dyslexia and requests that police don't wear their uniforms and

Dear Mayor Wheeler and city councilors: I've asked you all before to eliminate Uber, Lyft and all other such billion-dollar companies. These companies are putting our local taxi companies and their drivers at risk of going out of business. One such company already has been driven out of business. It was minority-owned.

There were a mere three people who committed the atrocity of allowing the law-breaking Uber into this city. Now that two of these officials have been replaced by Mayor Ted Wheeler and Councilor Chloe Eudaly, please, please work on ride-sharing alternatives to Uber, et al. We cannot allow criminal companies to do business in Portland — not anymore. It should never have been allowed at all.

Marian Drake


A wakeup call about dyslexia

Regarding "Player of the year Tucker Dordevic achieves big goal" (June 15 Tribune sports): Dordevic is the best example of why the state finally passed two dyslexia laws. The first requires a teacher with dyslexia training be on staff at all K-5 schools, and the other requires dyslexia screening for all kindergartners.

Riverdale, along with many other elementary schools, has been in denial about even the existence of dyslexia. If these laws were in place, Tucker would have received remedial reading and spelling in grade school and would not have suffered as he did. All of our students who do not receive help until very late in their schooling suffer unnecessarily and, in most cases, those painful memories affect them for the rest of their lives.

I hope this is a wakeup call to Riverdale and other elementary schools to acknowledge and remediate those bright students before they graduate to middle school. The stats are clear and indisputable. If you catch dyslexia early and remediate with the proper instruction, you will have confident, successful graduates.

Jennifer Pultz

Southeast Portland

Pride for Portland's police officers

Portland police officers put their lives on the line to protect us on a daily basis. As local citizens, we are grateful to have them there and appreciate the dedication they have to their careers.

The successful mediation of the conflicting factions at recent political rallies is a commendation to their devotion. Any inference that they should not wear their uniforms proudly is an insult to their accomplishments. If there is truly any pride to be had, it belongs to these officers.

Pete and Rhonda Brandt

Southwest Portland

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