Readers voice their opinions about city maintenance cuts, left wing anti-Semitism, and whether some people want to be homeless

PAMPLIN MEDIA GROUP FILE PHOTO - The maintenance of the East Rose Garden in Ladd's Addition has now fallen squarely on the shoulders of volunteers due to budget cuts by the city of Portland.We recently stopped by the East Rose Garden in Ladd's Addition. For the most part it looked like an abandoned lot. Weeds, some nearly as high as the roses, were everywhere.

Two women were working in a patch they recently had adopted.

They told me the city had cut funds for maintenance but the city was still irrigating but not weeding or otherwise maintaining the Ladd's Addition Gardens, a gift to the city from the Ladd family.

I learned from Mark Ross, media relations specialist at Portland Parks and Recreation, that Mayor Wheeler called for a 5 percent across the board cut when he took office and that maintenance of these gardens was a victim.

This is the Rose City, folks. Little by little, the livability of Portland is being eroded by the transfer of funds to other places. I don't need to elaborate on that, but the funds sure aren't going to residents' amenities.

There are volunteer opportunities in these rose gardens. Visit: or call 971-279-4994 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You also can express your opinion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Frank DiMarco

Southeast Portland

Where anti-Semitism is coming from

In response to Peter Wong's July 25 article about anti-Semitism: Bob Horenstein is right about the rise of anti-Semitism, but completely wrong about some of it coming from the left.

The Southern Poverty Law Center does not have the BDS (boycott, divestment, sanction) movement labeled as a hate group, and one can see from their website ( ) that they are against the policies of the government of Israel, not against Israelis for being Jewish. Maybe Mr. Horenstein can explain why someone like Archbishop Desmond Tutu supports BDS, if it's a hate group.

But the article did remind me to give an angry phone call to Ron Wyden, who supports Senate Bill 720, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act which specifically targets the BDS movement. 

Rolf Semprebon

Southeast Portland

Anti-Semitism and a one-sided argument

Your article on the rise of anti-Semitic incidents began in a reasonable way with a discussion of acts by the alt-right, and then degenerated into an unsubstantiated diatribe by the Jewish Federations' Bob Horenstein in regard to the supposed "far left" and the BDS boycott movement.

Mr. Horenstein has long been an advocate of Israel-right-or-wrong — advocacy which in turn has led to the demonization of the Palestinians and those who support their human rights. As one of those leftists supporting BDS, I don't believe the Tribune should post such a one-sided argument against the boycott, when it is one of the few tools remaining to those of us who want a just peace in Israel-Palestine.

Nancy Hedrick

North Portland

(Hedrick is a member of Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights,

Some will just take advantage

Wake up, Mr. Mayor! As politically incorrect as it is to say, not all of the people living in tents on our streets, in our parks and in our city-provided camps are victims of unfortunate circumstances beyond their control. A large number have made vagrancy a life choice, believing others owe them and they have no intention of taking responsibility for themselves.  

As long as Portland continues cleaning up their mess and their damage and being the enabler, they will stay and demand more and more services. The numbers of homeless and the cost already are beyond what we can afford and will only continue on an upward spiral.

Homeowners and taxpayers are angry about the destruction of their streets and neighborhoods. It is an embarrassment to have guests in the downtown area. Then you insult the taxpayers you have asked to support your cause by taking away funds for the Oregon Symphony's annual Waterfront Concert — an event everyone could have enjoyed.

Mr. Mayor, it is time for you to show the vagrants the way out of town and arrest them if they come back. 

Shannon Moon Leonetti

Southwest Portland

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