Our readers offer their views on Portland transportation planning, health insurance options and the BDS campaign

I totally agree with Sue Conachan of Oak Grove (Aug. 3 letter to the editor) about how the city of Portland should not be surprised by the increase in traffic on the streets and roads around town.

I would add that not only do the apartment and condo people not provide parking for their tenants, they also do not provide parking for the businesses that reside at the bottom of these complexes, making the parking situation a lot worse.

Take a look at Southeast Division and other such neighborhood streets and it will become abundantly clear that Portland is not handling its parking problem in a sustainable way at all.

Parking, as well as driving, will become more and more unpleasant and a real hassle. And don't say that people should get out of their cars — as Conachan commented, the city is building, building, building! Why should people have to always accommodate the city and its plans when it doesn't care about the people at all when making plans? Overpopulation in the city is just as much of a problem as cars — maybe more so.

Linda Seaton

Southeast Portland

We do have health insurance options

As an alternative to the strictly private health insurance system or the single-payer government health insurance system, it seems there is an option that could satisfy both liberals and conservatives alike.

Why couldn't Medicare be allowed to sell medical insurance policies to citizens of any age? Medicare already has strict limits on what doctors and hospitals can charge, and if they sold these policies at their true cost (without making a profit or adding to the deficit), they should be able to sell policies at a lower price.

If Medicare policies can prove themselves well-run and cost effective, then citizens will move to the government system without being forced to, like they are under the single-payer system. Medicare would have to offer good service, as citizens would still have a choice as to where they could buy insurance.

Steve Rollin

Southwest Portland

What BDS really stands for

Thanks for publishing my letter (Aug. 1), but no thanks at all for putting "boycott, delegitimize, sanction" after BDS. BDS stands for boycott, DIVESTMENT, sanction ... a big difference.

"Delegitimize" is the word that Bob Horenstein (July 25 article) uses to try to convince readers that BDS is an anti-Semitic hate group. Now you've got that word in my letter as if I'm one of the anti-BDS people, or some idiot who doesn't know better. 

Rolf Semprebon

Southeast Portland

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