Our readers voice their opinions on a variety of issues, including a proposed solar farm near Estacada and 'being archived'

Saying goodbye to the Portland Mounted Patrol this week has been bittersweet. Their longstanding relationship and service to the city of Portland will not be forgotten soon. Budget cuts affect everyone in the city, and the four-hoofed friends were no exception this past week at their decommissioning ceremony.

However, I can speak from experience that Olin, one of the horses from the mounted patrol, still has many more years of service of a new kind ahead of him. Olin arrived Friday at his new home at Forward Stride in Beaverton.

Forward Stride provides equine-assisted therapies and activities to families in the greater Portland area. My daughter, now 5, has participated in therapy at Forward Stride for over two years. The services they provide make a huge difference in the lives of their clients and their families. My daughter is living testimony to that. Forward Stride truly changes lives.

So while I'm sad to see the mounted patrol disperse, I know Olin will go on to serve in so many new ways. He'll be well loved in his new home and still making a difference everyday in people's lives, right here in the Portland area. It's proof that every cloud has a silver lining.

Forward Stride is a nonprofit organization. Their annual Round Up Relay takes place this coming Saturday, Aug. 26. If you want to support Forward Stride & Olin's new home, please visit their website.

Heather Collin-Gajewski

Northwest Portland

Solar farm a taxpayer boondoggle?

Regarding "Massive solar farm approved near Estacada" (Aug. 17 Tribune): Does it really make sense to construct commercial solar farms west of the Cascades, where the soil is more productive and the sun less so, compared to the east side? 

The proposal would take 63 acres of "high-value farm soil" in Clackamas County out of agriculture to produce a minuscule amount of electricity — 10 megawatts is just 1 percent of what the Trojan nuclear plant used to produce, but Trojan did it 24/7 for as long as nine months without a break, not just when the sun was out.

It sounds like a taxpayer-subsidized boondoggle.

Robert D. Dyson

Northeast Portland

Reader likes being archived

I thought it so interesting there was a picture of me published with the Aug. 1 letter to the editor "Ladd's rose garden now a weedy mess." Which unfortunately it is. And wouldn't you know, I had a similar picture published Aug. 24, 2005, titled "Ladd's pruner keeps rosy outlook." Both obviously were taken on the same day. I've been archived. How fun!

Donna Stanley

Southeast Portland

Let ICE do its job

There is no acceptable reason why Oregon should not fully cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. We are suffering the consequences of Oregon's misguided 1987 law (ORS 181A.820) that restricts cooperation. It should be repealed, and Initiative Petition IP 22 can do that.

The Center for Immigration Studies has issued a five-page fact sheet on immigration enforcement and community policing that proves there is no evidence of a "chilling effect" from local police cooperation with ICE. New DOJ testimony confirms the claim is spurious.

Legislators should put the safety and well-being of citizens first, not dream up protections for illegal immigrants such as HB 3464's "privacy" for illegal immigrants. Every Democrat in the Oregon Legislature but one (Sen. Betsy Johnson) voted to put the "privacy" of illegal immigrants above the interests of citizens.

Illegal, unlimited, unrestricted immigration will quickly destroy a nation. ICE is responsible for interior enforcement of our immigration laws. It's essential to give ICE agents full cooperation and let them do their job. They should be thanked for the difficult, dangerous work they do on the public's behalf.

Elizabeth Van Staaveren


Two leaders, same hair

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un share the same problem: their hair. Maybe they should meet up at a nice hair salon and talk their problems out with a sympathetic stylist.

Frank DiMarco

Southeast Portland

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