And our readers want you to remember the origin Victor the Viking, the Portlnd State Univeristy mascot.

The recent news that President Trump had moved to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller back in July is deeply disturbing.

The fact that on numerous occasions Trump has had to be talked out of decisions by his advisers also is extremely troubling.

Entering the White House as a freshman politician, it would be expected that he would make progress in understanding the rules, laws and conventions of the Constitution.

After a year, this has not happened. Instead we continue on a downward slope to authoritarianism as GOP members provide political cover and extreme measures are taken to attempt to discredit the work of Mueller and his team.

Now more than ever, Sens. Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, we must sign into action a plan for the protection of the special counsel. Trump has lied so much to the American public that his words and actions cannot be trusted.

Today we have the power to enact a set of rules for checks and balances to prevent issues of obstruction by the current and future presidents.

This should be a unilaterally supported piece of legislation, as the integrity of the presidency and the ethics of democracy depend on it. Sadly, I feel that numerous members will not put aside party politics, only working to further divide this country.

John Powers


What about Viktor the Viking?

Before Portlanders get any more worked up about a new name for Jefferson High School or removal of Native mascots, they should first reflect on their mascot for Portland State University, Viktor the Viking.

The actual Vikings were not smiling blondes in horned helmets, but rather bloodthirsty and brutal barbarians, probably worse than and more feared than ISIS.

In recent years, archaeologists have determined that they also were major players in the Middle Ages slave trade, plus very brutal slave owners in their own society. Any comparison with Thomas Jefferson's treatment of slaves would be laughable.

I'm actually not opposed to retaining the PSU mascot, but am rather trying to put some better perspective on the Jefferson HS controversy.

Robert Larson

Northeast Portland

Contract Publishing

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