Our readers also thank Rob Nosse for his service and support Nick Fish for reelection.

Today young men must register for the draft at 18, but with a volunteer army there is no requirement for mandatory service. In addition, all young people are eligible to vote at 18 years old, even before some graduate high school. Originally, I thought this was a good idea but after seeing the gradual degradation of school systems in our country, especially in Oregon, I am concerned that these young people are becoming nothing more than pawns for political groups. Can education alone equal firsthand experience of actually working in the real world? Are they being taught both sides of an issue? Are political ideologies being taught along with school subjects, such as socialism being compared as an alternative to democracy?

I find it hard that an American can support censorship, suppression of free thoughts and human rights, yet American colleges are now openly suppressing conservative professors and students. Is this the "New America"? But then again, many of our politicians have been in office 20-plus years. Is American politics nothing more than a "good old boys club"? Do our young people even know they being used by progressive liberal socialists to funnel their anti-constitutional agenda?

Joe Turner

Columbia City

Thank you, Rob Nosse

On behalf of Oregon's 241 cities, the League of Oregon Cities would like to acknowledge Rep. Rob Nosse's leadership on tax and finance issues again during the 2018 legislative session. As a member of the House Revenue Committee, he provided invaluable leadership to protect local government revenues.

This session, Rep. Nosse sponsored HB 4027 and worked tirelessly to find a path to its passage. The bill would have repealed the flawed and overly generous gigabit property tax exemption that was originally written for Google Fiber, a company which has not come to Oregon. HB 4027 would have prevented an expected annual multimillion-dollar property tax revenue loss for local governments and schools in the property tax year that starts July 1, when companies are again expected to apply for the exemption. The bill was a compromise, as it would have given the exemption to service providers Comcast and Frontier for one year at a property tax revenue loss of approximately $17.5 million.

Ultimately, this important bill passed the House but ran out of time in the Senate. Rep. Nosse has vowed to continue leading the effort to address this complex issue in the 2019 session.

The League thanks Rep. Rob Nosse for being a strong partner with local government and schools, advocating for sound revenue policy and tax reform. We look forward to continuing to work together.

Mike Cully


Support Commissioner Fish

I am writing our "letter of support for Commissioner Nick Fish" to encourage voters to support him in the upcoming election. During his term as Portland city commissioner, he has worked with our mayor and other councilmen to address Portland's housing crisis. He has promoted safe streets and community policing; and justice for all by supporting the creation of an Office of Equity and Human Rights; affirming our status as a "sanctuary city"; challenging President Trump's decision to rescind DACA and co-sponsoring a council resolution in support of Dreamers; leading the effort to convert the city's single-stall restrooms to "all-user"; continuing to work with Basic Rights Oregon to advocate for "marriage equality" and with the Cascade AIDS Project to expand access to healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community; supporting earned sick leave for working families, and a $15 minimum wage for full-time city workers; voting to require closed captioning on televisions in public places like airports and restaurants; launching a pilot program to help people with intellectual disabilities access job training and meaningful work; and supporting the Campaign for Equal Justice and advocating for additional funding for "legal services" for the poor.

Commissioner Fish's support of Kids and Schools and Portland Parks and Recreation makes him a "hero" in my book, and he has earned my vote in the upcoming election.

I encourage everyone to vote in the upcoming election, and if you value the dedication and service that Commissioner Fish has provided the city of Portland, please join me and cast your vote for Commissioner Nick Fish on May 15.

Danice Brown

Executive director

Portland Tennis & Education

North Portland

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