• Conservative UO offense play-calling to start the game.

• Huskies shoving a lot after the plays, and get a penalty for one of those that was too late.

• is anyone shadowing Marcus Mariota? Huskies need to tighten that up.

• UW daring UO to pass, playing the run first.

• Keanon Lowe's drop just dropped Mariota a few points in the Heisman race.

• Hurts not to score on your opening drive of either half. That's when you have the most advantage against a defense, have your plays set up and the possible element of surprise.

• Ducks still determined to run first and set up the pass, battle of wills

• Where is De'Anthony Thomas? Thought it was reported that he was going to play. That meant play from the start, I presume.

• It's Oregon's ball inside the 1-yard line on that. His knee was down. Classic call, though, of not being careful with the ball.

• Refs get it correct.

• New-fashioned QB keeper, and Mariota doesn't quite score. But, let's be truthful, cameras that aren't exactly on the goal line give you an optical illusion.

• How big was that? Byron Marshall somehow gets in. Looks like he did get across, broke the plane, while still upright. Oregon 7-0

• Washington's going to see if the Oregon defense can cover the whole field, too. And then probably see if the Duck defensive backs will bite on something and not cover deep.

• Looks like Oregon had a blitz call that Washington didn't have covered. But Ducks showed their hands, and then UW called timeout.

• Huskies make a big catch. A lot tougher than the catch Oregon's Lowe didn't make. 7-7.

• If anyone had any doubt, this isn't going to be like playing Cal.

• Wideouts will need to make their presence felt however they can for Oregon, like Huff on his kickoff return.

• Looks like Oregon needs to throw over the middle and run inside. Oregon wastes field position and fails to answer Washington's TD. Ducks still intent on trying to run for almost everything. Maybe they'll open it up later. They don't have the breakaway running back threat they used to, unless Tyner or Thomas can come on.

• Big tackle and play in space by Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, but did he pay a price for it?

END FIRST QUARTER -- Oregon 7, Washington 7


• Oregon just not as explosive out of the backfield and through the holes as it used to be. Huskies have speed, too.

•  Uh-oh. Huff out. Major ramifications. And to more than Mariota's Heisman bid.

• Knowing Oregon, though, he's not hurt at all, and we have no comment.

• Not much of a punt by Alejandro Maldonado. Washington has decent starting point at its 33.

• Huge fumble recovery for Ducks. Have a feeling I'll be using the word huge a lot today.

• Huskies continue to have the sideline screen well covered.

• Mariota needs to run more. Just hope he doesn't get un-hurt like Huff.

• That was more like it, 11-yard scramble for a first down. Very Keith Price-like.

• Does Oregon ever run the option anymore? Not the read option, the option option.

• Where is De'Anthony Thomas? Reportedly, he was going to play.

• Slippery footing again at Husky Stadium.

• Bralon Addison catch gives Oregon the lead. 14-7, 8:41 left in the half.

• Hold Washington to less than 28 points, and I like Oregon's chances.

• At Cedar City, Utah, it's Southern Utah 10, Portland 7 at the half. It's Homecoming for the Thunderbirds. I'm sure you knew that.

• Now THAT was an impressive drive for Oregon. First time they've really mixed it up well. Marshall on the 15-yard TD scamper. Ducks lead 21-7.

• With about five minutes to go, Chip Kelly would want the ball back one more time before halftime.

• Price not nearly as accurate as Mariota so far today. Price much more effective on the run than in the pocket. Mariota doing both well.

• Joey Harrington had a billboard. What can Oregon do for Mariota to top that? His image on a blimp?

• You don't want to give Washington another shot on offense before the half.

• Touch pass to Addison too long. Two incompletions in a row for Mariota, the other too low. Then a near-miss long that should have been pass interference on Washington. Ref really missed that one, and it could change the whole momentum of the game, as Oregon would have kept possession. Huge mistake by the officials. If they can review the spot of a ball for a first down, they need to be allowed to review a play like that.

• Tense final minute to come now for the Ducks on defense.

• Oregon ball with 32 seconds left and 88 yards to go. Ducks get one first down and then let time expire.

HALFTIME — Oregon 21, Washington 7


• Expecting Washington to come out with a different look on offense. Maybe pound away to set up big pass. I thought the Huskies got away from that too soon in the second quarter. They're only two scores behind, not four.

• Fourth-and-1 near midfield and the Huskies go Chip Kelly-esque. No hesitation. They're going for it. Touchdown. Oregon wasn't ready.

• Don't want to call that lucky, but … if the officials get the spot correct on the previous play, it's a first down, and Washington can't run that quick fourth-down play.

• Whoever just caught that touchdown pass for Oregon looked a lot like Josh Huff.

• Not sure why Oregon would try to place the kickoff. Kicking the ball out of bounds sure doesn't help.

• Maldonado nails a 34-yard field goal. Good thing it wasn't a 44-yard try.

• The three points help, but Oregon needs more.

• Yup. Washington rips off a pretty easy touchdown drive. Oregon can't trade three points for seven the rest of the way.

• Where is De'Anthony Thomas?

END THIRD QUARTER — Oregon 31, Washington 24


• Huge missed block by center Hroniss Grasu on second-and-goal.

• But Mariota goes the other way on the next play for a huge touchdown. Five-yard QB sweep. Oregon 38-24.

• That was an old-fashioned Duck drive: 66 yards in 1:31.

• And to think, it wasn't that long ago that most people weren't even sure how to pronounce Mariota.

• Final score: Southern Utah 17, Portland State 7. PSU shut out in second half. Vikings 3-4 overall and 0-3 in the Big Sky.

• Washington sideline pass connections taking too long to complete. Two of them caught out of bounds.

• 11:06 remaining and, after a UW punt, the Ducks start at their 25. A long drive could put the game almost out of reach.

• Good thing Marshall seems to keep improving. Not sure he could have done what he's doing today at the start of the season.

• Huge TD toss, Mariota to Addision, 3 yards. With 7:37 remaining, it's Oregon 45-24.

• Got to love that drive, too. Eight plays, 75 yards (9.4 per snap), all in just 3:29 — and despite a 7-yard sack on the first play. Mariota was 4-for-4 passing for 45 yards. Three positive rush plays totaled 37 yards.

• Ducks know now that UW will be throwing.

• Washington has to punt, and Oregon needs only to run out the final 6:18.

• Huskies know the run is coming, but they can't stop the Ducks.

• The final margin is about right. Could have been more, could have been a little less.

• When will we see De'Anthony Thomas play again?

• How soon do we get to see Mariota play again? He's worth the price of cable TV.

FINAL — Oregon 45, Washington 24

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