Magical Unicorn Ride one of 281 bike rides planned by July 4

SUBMITTED PHOTOS: COLE RANDALL  - About 60 people of all ages gathered Saturday for the second annual Magical Unicorn Ride, one of the rides of Peddlepalooza. Pump up your bike tires and grab your helmet — you don’t want to miss any of Pedalpalooza. It’s a series of 281 bike rides organized by Shift 2 Bikes, a loose-knit group of bike-loving folks with a passion for the bicycle as a toy, transportation and a tool for social and environment change.

One of the rides scheduled for Saturday was the second annual Magical Unicorn ride. About 60 riders of all ages gathered at Col. Summers Park at Southeast 20th Avenue and Belmont Street in Portland in their finest unicorn costumes and with decorated bikes. “Ride as bare as you dare or roll around in sparkles! The shimmery and more glittery, the better. Bike decorations highly encouraged. Meet at 2 to sparkle up, fly out at 2:15 p.m.,” read the event description on

Dana Keele and her dog, Tilly, were ready to ride.

Keeles helmet was delightfully decorated for the event.

Dana Keele was a first-time Magical Unicorn rider; she sported a splendid unicorn bike helmet and her tiny dog, Tilly, was tucked in her bag for the ride.

From left Rachel Moyles, 8-month-old William, Kevin Moyles and Cindy Capparelli get ready for the Magical Unicorn Ride at Col. Summers Park in Portland.

Kevin and Rachel Moyles of north Portland brought their 8-month-old son, William, for the ride.

Cindy Capparelli, who lives in the neighborhood, was participating because she was promoting body acceptance and likes unicorns.

None of the riders questioned knew the route. “We’re going to the top of Candy Mountain,” Capparelli said. “We really don’t know where we are going, we’re just along for the ride.”

Not knowing the route didn’t deter 4-year-old Zori Glek, who was riding her two-wheeler on the Magical Unicorn Ride with her mom, Ellen Glek.

“I was going to bring the tagalong, but she wanted to ride her bike,” Ellen said. “We’ll be fine.”

Riders in the Magical Unicorn Ride were encouraged to dress for the event. Kira Vinikas chose this colorful outfit.

Kira Vinikas and Lisa Alean said they didn’t know the route, but planned on ending up at White Owl Social Club.

Sam Coodley, a Portland documentary film maker, had been visiting with riders before the Magical Unicorn Ride started. He said many of the unicorn riders were also planning to ride in the Bowie vs. Prince: The Final One ride later in the evening. Taking place on Holladay Park on Northeast Multnomah Boulevard between 11th and 14th avenues, riders are gathering at 7 p.m. for the ride beginning at 8 p.m. Riders would pedal and dance to the tunes of the departed musical greats.

Pedalpalooza includes a variety of rides, including a couple of ZooBomb rides from Washington Park; the Flying Blind in Tandem ride for sighted and blind bike riders on tandem bikes; a Mamma Mia sing-along ride; a Bloomers Ride, where riders are encouraged to wear bloomers, a garment that provided unprecedented mobility for “the gentler sex.”

There is a family-friendly ride to tour some of Portland’s church, secular and personal labyrinths; rides to explore alleys in Portland’s Arbor Lodge, Kenton, Portsmouth and University Park neighborhoods; a Ride Like a Girl: Road Biking 101; a photo booth ride; a potluck picnic dance party ride; a Hippos, Handlebars, Hula, Hums, Hops and Horseshoes ride; a bike mechanic challenge ride; Food and Farms Tour; a Freddie Mercury Ride; Art for the Millions: Public Art Ride. Several naked bike rides are planned for June 25.

Pedalpalooza is intended to further Shift 2 Bike’s mission to demonstrate that cycling is fun, liberating, empowering, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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