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Editor’s note: Fans of the Mark and Dave radio show, which left the air in July, can stop wondering where the duo has landed. Starting this week, Mark Mason and Dave Anderson will write a column for the Portland Tribune.

Mark and Dave spent 11 years hosting an afternoon talk show in Portland, which they plan to continue in the future. In their real lives, Mason is starting his 18th season as the Portland Trail Blazers’ public address announcer. Anderson is in his 12th year as host of KATU TV’s AM Northwest. You can follow the pair on Facebook at themarkanddaveshow.

In a word, crazy. That is what the Oregon Republican Party often looks to for leadership. Art Robinson is the latest example. He recently was elected to head the state party after Suzanne Gallagher stepped down as chairwoman.

Robinson is pro-life, believes we should build more power plants, thinks man-made global warming is a hoax, and public welfare should be replaced by local charitable groups. And he lives in Oregon! Like it or not, the majority of Oregonians live in the metro area — including liberal Multnomah County. If Republicans want to elect a right-of-center politician to statewide office, they have to support people who could at least be part of a carpool in Multnomah County.

Wishing Allen Alley was still chairman of Oregon’s Republican Party. Steady, calm, smart, pragmatic — a guy who could get centrist Democrats to step over the line. Was he just not unhinged enough for today’s GOP?


Good luck (dripping with sarcasm) to Washington County’s proposal to charge a $22 annual car registration fee exclusively to pay for roads. If it looks like a tax, walks like a tax, and squawks like a tax, how do you call it a fee? Save everyone time, add it to the cost of a ticket to see the Hops.


So the Rose Garden is now the Moda Center. Everyone at One Center Court seems happy with the name. However, the happiest people are Portland cabbies who won’t have to choose from two “rose gardens” anymore. If you are not happy, remember this is Oregon. We’re lucky naming rights weren’t bought by a medical marijuana clinic.


Goodbye Water House. The Randy Leonard-inspired energy cost-saving home of the future will cost the city some pretty dough when it’s sold. It’s listed for $475,000, $500,000 less than it cost to build, and is the most expensive home in the neighborhood.

Zillow has it at $313,000. The homes next door are valued at about $204,000 to $242,000, a whopping $233,000 difference. If you were to save $200 per month in water and power costs, it would take you 97 years to recoup your investment. It’s keeping Portland weird, but not in a good way. Maybe it should renamed the Sewer House?


The Bikini Barista controversy (covered here in the Trib) has Forest Grove residents “extra hot.” We had no clue of the brew-ha-ha until everyone made a grande deal out of it. So it forced us to drive to Forest Grove to check things out for ourselves. We are happy to report there’s nothing to see through all those tattoos. We’ll be happy to go back and grind out more research if this story continues to percolate.


Did you see Elon Musk’s plans for the Hyperloop? The futuristic $6 billion “Jetsons-like people-mover” would whisk you from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes! Did you have the same feeling we had that this thing will be up and running long before the Columbia River Crossing? And, yes, cost less.

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