(Image is Clickable Link) by: TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO: JONATHAN HOUSE - Portland's skyline at dusk is one of its most likeable features. The Rose City earned the No. 1 spot on Money Journal's list of the most liked U.S. cities.They like us. They really like us.

At least that’s according to a new poll released this week.

The Rose City was considered the No. 1 “Most Liked U.S. City” in the Money Journal ( ) poll. The online magazine reported that it “canvassed the nation and researched local polls to find the 10 most liked U.S. cities and those that are the most popular — whether they are big or small and we came up with some places that might seem unlikely to make the top 10.”

According to the poll, the top 10 most liked U.S. cities are:

1. Portland. “Portlandia” tops the list as America’s most popular big or medium sized city. Portland may lack an NFL or Major League Baseball team, but 52 percent of Americans like it. People love Portland for many reasons – its culture, laid-back lifestyle, excellent public transit system and above all nice people. Another reason why it’s so popular is that Portland is one of the best cities in the U.S. for microbrews.

2. Seattle. Some polls indicate that Seattle is more popular than Portland, possibly because it has NFL, MLB and Major League Soccer franchises and Portland only has teams in the NBA and MLS. Seattle has a lot going for it, including Microsoft, Bill Gates,, Boeing’s factories, and a laid-back way of life. Even though the weather leaves something to be desired, the city has few marks against it. It has no reputation for crime, corruption, organized crime, gang warfare and poverty like many other cities.

3. Oakland, Calif. The old port city across the bay from San Francisco seems to have a lot of fans. It was recently voted America’s most exciting city. It isn’t known why Oakland is so popular and was a bit of a surprise for us. Perhaps there are far more Raiders fans out there than we assumed.

4. Boston. Everybody but New York Yankees fans seem to love Boston. The city where the American Revolution began tops the list of cities Americans love. Around 52 percent of Americans like Boston, according to polls.

5. Phoenix. The mostly warm climate seems to attract a lot of people to this desert city. Numbers indicate that 49 percent of Americans like Phoenix.

6. Taos, N.M. The historic Spanish outpost is still one of America’s most popular towns. Long a hub for artists and counterculture types, this small city now hosts a world-class music festival and attracts visitors from around the world. Taos might be America’s most popular small city.

7. New York City. The Big Apple still has lots of fans — around 49 percent of Americans like our largest city.

8. Atlanta. The capital of Georgia has become the center of the South and America’s fastest growing cities. It’s also become one of America’s most liked big cities, with 51 percent of Americans approving of it. Many of Atlanta’s residents are refugees from the Northeast and the Rust Belt.

9. Austin. The capital of Texas has been on a roll in recent years. The university town has reinvented itself as a high-tech haven and a center of the counterculture. It’s become a magnet for those fleeing California. How popular is Austin? British Airways recently started nonstop flights from London’s Heathrow to Austin.

10. Cupertino, Calif. It’s famous as the home of America’s best-liked company, Apple and the center of Silicon Valley.

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