Oregon City-born and bred Marine Corps veteran Nathan Page on Thursday became the third candidate to challenge U.S. Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Canby) and be a champion for American families, liberty, the Constitution, small business and the “American Dream.”

by: SUBMITTED - PagePage said, “I’m running because I’m a member of the generation in which the ‘American Dream’ is becoming more like a myth than a reality. Congress continues to spend uncontrollably, enacts policies like Obamacare, impinges on our privacy and has left our government in a state of dysfunction. I may be younger than the typical career politician in Congress, but after serving two tours in Iraq as a Marine, I know what serving my country is all about.”

Clackamas County Commissioner Tootie Smith announced her candidacy to seek the Republican nomination last month, and Wilsonville resident Ben Pollock announced his candidacy in October.

Page graduated from Canby High School before serving in the military, and he went on to graduate from Columbia University in New York and study economics at the University of Oregon. He currently works for the Oregon City Chamber of Commerce where he says has been able to speak with his fellow citizens and community members regarding the issues facing a district that represents most of Clackamas County, plus the Salem area and the Central Oregon Coast.

“As jobs disappear and homes are foreclosed upon, our government is disregarding our Constitutional rights and engaging in foreign policy that is harming America’s national security,” Page said. “It is time to realize that many of our elected leaders can never fathom what it means to go to war... I will never again allow struggling families and our nation’s veterans to be taken for granted or be forgotten.”

Oregon’s 5th Congressional District has received a “Safe Democrat” rating from the independent nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report analysis of voting patterns, demographic information and fundraising since 2010, but candidates are circling around Democratic candidates this year in the hope that voters will turn on Obamacare.

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