Two people were injured in an early Friday morning automobile accident on the controversial "flyover" ramp from northbound I-5 to Hwy. 217.

Both people were in a vehicle that oveturned on the ramp, the scene of numerous accidents in the past. Their names and conditions were not immediately released.

The accident happened shortly after six drivers involved in crashes on the ramp filed tort claims, wanting the state to pay for their car repairs.

Michael Coffee told KOIN 6 he was headed to work at a commercial lending group in Beaverton last month when his Prius crashed on the ramp.

“Going up overpass, left lane of ramp and hit metal connector piece and started fishtailing,” said Coffee.

Coffee's insurance company is blaming the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for failing to warn driver about structural problems on the ramp.

“I sat there as I was turning over and thinking I hope no one hits me!” said Coffee.

ODOT said they could not comment on pending ligation, but confirmed that they are investigating what is causing the crashes. ODOT officials said they don’t have any evidence that a raised bridge joint is to blame. Instead, they believe it might be the road surface.

Coffee and the other drivers also argue that the hairpin turn and its steepness are contributing factors.

“It’s reassuring to know other people going through it as well,” said Coffee.

As a temporary fix, ODOT has placed a reader board prior to the ramp, cautioning drivers to go 35 mph over the ramp.

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