Photo Credit: COURTESY MAYOR CHARLIE HALES' OFFICE - This picture of Mayor Charlie Hales and His wife Nancy is prominently featured on his e-mail newsletter.Mayor Charlie Hales has starting e-mailing newsletters to anyone who has communicate with his office or signs up for them.

"We created the newsletter simply to keep people posted on what the mayor is up to. While we have a great City Hall press corps, the newsletter aggregates important news specifically from the mayor's office, providing an easy shorthand for Mayor Hales' priorities and activities. The way Mayor Hales sees it, the more easily accessible information constituents have, the better," says Hales' communications aide Sara Hottman.

The newsletter emailed Wednesday includes links to news stories and websites about local event. They include the "Enough is Enough" community meeting held after last weekend's eruption of violence and the MLS All Star game that was held on Aug. 6 at Providence Park. A picture of Hales and his wife Nancy at the game is prominently featured. It also announces a forum that Hales and Portland author Mitchell Jackson will host on the challenges facing young black Portlanders after the screening of a documentary named after his novel "The Residue Years" at the Portland Film Festival.

The email newsletters are part of an international trend by elected officials and government agencies to find new avenues for communicating with the public. Metro, the regional elected government, is one of the leaders of the trend. Among other things, it employs its own reporter who posts news stories about Metro online and it has retained DHM Research for online interactive online "OptIn" surveys.

Those want to subscribe to the newsletters can do so at Hales' website, E-mail addresses can be entered at a field under the "Social Media" heading. After that, hit "Subscribe."

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