The federally-compliant identification cards will be required to board commercial domestic flights as soon as January 2018.

PARIS ACHEN/CAPITAL BUREAU - Oregon State Capitol in SalemSALEM — A bill to give Oregonians a voluntary path to upgrade their state-issued driver's license or ID card to federal standards is headed to Gov. Kate Brown for a signature.

The House of Representatives voted 56-to-1 to pass Senate Bill 374 Thursday. The Senate passed the bill 28-to-2 June 26.

The upgraded identification will be necessary as soon as 2018 to board domestic commercial flights and enter any federal facility, including Bonneville Dam or a federal court house. Without compliant state-issued ID, travelers will instead have to use a passport or other federally approved form of ID.

The bill will keep the state's "engines of travel and commerce going," said Rep. Mike Nearman, R-Independence.

The Oregon Legislature long resisted more stringent requirements by the federal government for state identification cards, known as REAL ID.

The state Legislature passed a law in 2009 that prohibits state officials from spending money to comply with the federal law unless the federal government reimburses the state for the cost. Lawmakers also had privacy concerns about some of the federal requirements.

The state already has received three extensions for complying with the law. The last extension expires Oct. 10. State officials have said Oregon would be unlikely to receive another extension without passing the bill.

Under the bill, the earliest Oregonians will be able to obtain a REAL ID is July 1, 2020, Nearman said. Offering the service will cost the state about $580,000, he said.

Paris Achen
Portland Tribune Capital Bureau
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