Republican leaders in the Oregon Legislature say they won't consider tax hikes unless Democrats first consider spending cuts, especially in the retirement system. Add a comment

Politics heat up at Congress and the Oregon Legislature, and Ted Wheeler got a pay raise when he became Portland mayor.
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TriMet has long touted itself as being an environmental leader, but it has sat on the shoulder while the new battery-powered buses have been hitting the pavement in cities across the nation. Only recently has that started to change with TriMet's plan to buy five new electric buses, assisted by a federal grant. Add a comment

By coincidence, the council adopted state and federal legislative agendas that prioritized those issues on the same day that leaders of six affordable housing advocacy organizations appeared on a panel in downtown Portland to discuss them. Reducing homelessness and increasing affordable housing were the No. 1 priorities on both of the council's agendas.
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For the past seven years, TriMet has declined to apply for federal grants that could have covered the full cost of the clean-air retrofits, including labor. Add a comment

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