A physician is available seven days a week at King City facility

There's good news for people who require some quick medical intervention but don't need to go to a hospital emergency room: The Urgent Care and Medical Center has opened in the Bull Mountain Professional Center.

"There used to be an urgent care facility in the same suite, but it closed," said clinic manager Andrea Volk. "This is a whole new group with a different business structure. We are a full-service clinic - we do fracture management, laceration repair and foreign body removal, for example. We also refer people to surgery if they require it.

"We see a lot of people with chest pain and also with severe allergic reactions to things like bee stings, and we do asthma management. But we don't hold patients overnight, and if someone is critical, we would arrange transport to a local hospital."

Dr. Jim Matthews, whose specialties are general medicine and general surgery, is the owner of the clinic and previously operated clinics in Newberg and Sherwood. "We're excited to bring our services to the Tigard-King City area," he said.

Volk explained that the biggest misconception about urgent care clinics is that they only focus on major problems, and people think they shouldn't come with minor problems.

"When people see 'urgent care,' they think they must have a major problem to come in, but that's not true," Matthews said. "It just means we see you right away."

Volk added, "We serve pediatric to geriatric patients, and we see people with colds, the flu and sore throats. A lot can't get into their regular doctors the day they call, so we offer an option.

"We also get a lot of workers' comp cases and injuries from motor vehicle accidents."

The clinic accepts most major insurance, workers' compensation and Oregon Health plans and is a participating Medicare provider.

"People can see Dr. Matthews for their ongoing needs," Volk said. "People can just walk in, and we also make appointments."

Matthews added, "We really are set up like a general practice office. We take the time to fit everyone in. We have a few appointments, but most of our time is open. It's meant to be a convenience."

"I like kids, and I hope to see a lot of them. We're good with kids here, and sometimes people would rather come and see me here than go to a hospital - it's warmer and calmer. You don't have a curtain separating you from a patient in the next bed."

In addition to Matthews and Volk, the clinic has four medical assistants, and Matthews has other physicians to cover for him when he is not there.

The clinic is right across the breezeway from Tigard Family Dental Clinic, which serves low-income families, "and we compliment what they offer," Volk said.

"We offer great customer service. We have a very compassionate staff, and we make patients feel welcome and comfortable. It's like coming into our home, especially if you're not feeling well."

Matthews said his first patient in the door was a 4-year-old girl who had an earache, and his second patient was a 70-year-old who smashed his finger with a hammer.

"That's typical for me," he said. "We provide a wide variety of services to a wide variety of patients."

Volk added, "We're really set up for that, and we offer competitive prices.

"For services we don't offer, such as X-rays, we refer people to places that charge reasonable prices.

"We are really just happy to be part of this community."

Matthews added, "We hope to be a good addition to the community, and we hope to prove a good service. We invite people to come in and meet us and see the facility, or just stop in to ask questions."

As an added bonus, the clinic also offers free blood pressure checks and will calibrate people's home monitors.

The clinic is open seven days a week - Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

It is located at 11820 S.W. St. James Place in King City, and it is accessible from Pacific Highway by turning into the Bull Mountain Professional Center driveway.

The phone number is 503-625-4100.

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