Golf buddies were behind all the write-ins

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - READY TO SERVE -- Al Reu has been through his orientation with City Manager Dave Wells and is ready to join the King City council on Jan. 2.There will be a couple of familiar faces and a new one when three people get sworn into office on the King City City Council on Jan. 2.

In King City, two incumbents were running for three open seats on the City Council: Suzan Turley got 1,152 votes or 45.09 percent, and Dick Winn got 1,092 votes or 42.74 percent, according to the final official return issued by the Washington County Elections Division on Nov. 26.

The big question was who would be the top write-in candidate, and it turned out to be Al Reu, who received 22 of the 311 write-in votes, which made up 12.17 percent of the total. The other top write-in candidates were Billie Reynolds with 16, Jim Armour with 10, David Bruce with 10, Darrel Unruh with nine and Teri Norris with seven.

No one was more surprised than Reu when he ended up with most write-in votes. He is a member of the King City Men’s Golf Club, and last spring he had a conversation in the Pro Shop will fellow golfer Jim Armour, who suggested that Reu run for a council seat.

“I decided I didn’t want to run and thought that was the end of it,” Reu said.

Armour freely admits he was behind the write-in campaign: “I’m the one who pushed it,” he said. “I talked to as many people as I could to write Al’s name down. He’s a good guy, and he’s knowledgeable. I thought it would be good to get someone associated with the KCCA (King City Civic Association) on the council – he’s not the new guy in town.

“I think he will be an asset to the council and the community. I hope the council will welcome him with open arms. I think everybody in the KCCA and City Hall should work together because we’re just a tiny community.”

Reu has been active as a former member of the KCCA Board of Directors and former chairman of the Landscape and Architectural Review Committee; he resigned from the committee last August.

Born in Colorado, Reu was raised in Dayton. He worked as a sheet metal mechanic for 50 years before retiring and thanks to his job has a unique connection with King City.

“My first job was in King City building the first houses in 1966,” he said.

Reu and his wife Dianne have two daughters, a granddaughter and a grandson, and after living in different parts in the metro area, they moved to King City in 1999.

“My wife wanted to be closer to her family, and I wanted to golf,” said Reu, who previously golfed occasionally but now plays regularly with the men’s club.

He admitted that more regular play hasn’t helped his game tremendously: “It’s always about the same,” he said.

Reu said he is looking forward to bringing KCCA issues before the council and hopefully serving as a liaison between the council and board.

Since Reu has an unlisted phone number, King City City Manager Dave Wells couldn’t call him to tell him that he had won the write-in race, so Wells walked over and knocked on his door to tell Reu he had won.

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