King City 'did a ton' of big projects during 2012, won top CAI award

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - SERVICE WITH A SMILE  - KCCA Administrator J. Patrick Moore (center) and Debra Racoma-O'Connol (in background) were busy Feb. 19 exchanging keys with residents like Gar DonnelsonKing City Civic Association staff and board members are holding their heads just a bit higher these days after the Oregon chapter of the Community Associations Institute chose it as the Association of the Year in the very large category for 2012.

Even more outstanding is the fact that the KCCA also took the award for 2010, which makes this its second win in three years.

"I am excited that the CAI chapter chose the King City Civic Association as the association of the year for 2012," said KCAA Administrator J. Patrick Moore. "Our Board of Directors works hard through the year to take care of the amenities and to make upgrades to the facilities."

He cited two main factors for the reason King City won - major renovations to a number of the facilities plus hosting the Senior Health Expo that linked dozens of senior-service vendors with hundreds of seniors to provide them with lots of information and options.

Terry Shane, KCCA Board of Directors president, said of the win, "I thought it was fantastic. We have a good crew and good management with J. Pat and (administrative assistant) Debra (Racoma-O'Connor) and a really good board who all work well together.

"The board has driven some projects, and more are coming. J. Pat has been proactive about keeping things updated. I'm very happy our association got the award. A lot of people have been doing a lot of work. J. Pat, Debra and the board have all done a great job."

Tigard-based CAI Oregon divides its 75-plus association members into four categories based on size: small is one to 50 units; medium is 51 to 150 units; large is 151 to 700 units; and very large is 701-plus units.

According to the KCCA's application for association of the year, it undertook a number of facility upgrades in 2012.

"Perhaps the most significant was the completion of the transition from the 45-year-old boiler system in the Clubhouse to heat pumps," wrote Moore, adding that two heat pumps were installed in 2009 and 2011 and four more in 2012.

He explained that the heat pumps will provide more reliable heating and cooling and that "the transition to heat pumps throughout the Clubhouse is expected to save several thousand dollars in energy costs each year."

In addition, three buildings (the golf maintenance shop on the side that faces the sixth tee; the back side of the Arts & Crafts building, and the back side of the Clubhouse Banquet Room) received partial siding replacement in 2012.

At the Crown Center's year-round pool, a failing pool heater was replaced with a new heater with a higher BTU capacity, and the pool covering also was replaced in 2012. Also in the Crown Room, the walls and ceiling received a badly needed paint job, the carpet was replaced, and the curtains were taken down and cleaned for the first time in recent memory, according to Moore.

The golf course's first marketing program was undertaken since the community was originally built, which included a new website with an email marketing program as well as the use of Groupon and Living Social deals to advertise its presence to the larger Portland area.

"Previously, many people did not know that King City had a golf course, and many people who were aware of the course did not know that it was open to the public," Moore wrote in the application. "The Pro Shop staff gathered contact information, including email addresses, from over 650 golfers in 2012, particularly from patrons using the Living Social and Groupon deals, so that we could attract these customers back to the course."

Other updates included a repair of the irrigation intake in the golf course pond, replacement of a John Deere tractor that died, and replacement of a John Deere Gator that was several years past its life expectancy and rusting out.

by: BARBARA SHERMAN - COFFEE'S ALWAYS ON - King City residents join non-residents every morning for coffee in the King City Clubhouse living room.As if all those improvements weren't enough, the Board of Directors undertook a complete overhaul of the Book of Resolutions, and published and distributed them to the members. This project was started in 2011 and completed in February of 2012.

"Additionally, the community hosted a Senior Health Expo, in conjunction with the Westside Referral Network, which brings together providers of services for seniors," Moore wrote. "This was a first-of-a-kind event for both King City as well as for the Westside Referral Network."

Moore said of the event's success: "The Senior Health Expo was something that I had been thinking about for a couple of years. Kathy Peper and Tom Webber had the contacts that helped to put the event together, and we were more than happy to host the event.

"It brought in residents from around the area and gave the businesses an opportunity to meet them face to face and let them know about the products and services available to them. We - and the businesses that took part - were extremely pleased with the event and look forward to holding a similar event next fall."

Laura McDermott, chapter administrator for CAI Oregon, said of the KCCA's second win in three years, "It happens. It's not extremely common, but it does happen. It partly depends on how many applications there are in each size category.

"The KCCA is a great association. They did a ton of stuff."

The national CAI started in 1972, and the Oregon chapter started the next year, according to McDermott. Its purpose is to be a resource for its members.

"Every month, we put on an educational program that lasts about 1 ½ hours, and twice a year, we put on an all-day program," she said. "We provide training for board members and staff, and we answer a lot of questions like how to handle residents who don't pay their annual assessments or what you do about personality conflicts on the board."

The local area is full of winners - the Summerfield Civic Association was named the association of the year in the very large category for 2008.

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